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2024 HR Trends and Predictions

With all the changes in the world of work in the past four years, we’ve had to shift, adjust, and turn on a dime too many times to count. As we approach a new year, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could turn to a crystal ball to see what’s in store for 2024? 🔮

Well, we can’t give you that (yet). But Bonusly did talk to more than 300 HR admins in the U.S. to see what they’ve got in mind. Add to that countless internal conversations, a whole pile of webinars, and endless debates about what we think will be top of mind as the new year arrives. 

With this report, you will:

🔮 Gain a strategic advantage: Stay ahead of the curve with our expert analysis outlining the five major trends we foresee and their implications for employees and HR professionals.

🚀 Elevate your planning: Equip yourself with actionable insights to make informed decisions and build high-performing cultures in 2024.

🌐 Embrace change: Explore the emerging technologies and the shift from performance management towards performance enablement.

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