Onboarding Checklist Template

Making employees feel welcome during the onboarding process helps them build supportive emotional connections early on. These connections help form a foundation of trust that can improve employee engagement, remove barriers to collaboration, and lead employees to a long and productive tenure with your company. Having a thorough and documented onboarding process also helps employees ramp up quickly, especially on remote and hybrid teams.  

Download our free onboarding checklist template today to help set your newly hired employees up for success.

This free onboarding checklist template includes:

👉 Directions for how to use the template.

⚙️ Customizable sections for meeting team members, setting up company tools, reviewing important documents, and understanding benefits.

✅ Fillable form fields to give new employees the knowledge, training, and recognition they need to do their best work.

📄 Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel formatted templates to fit your needs.
📘 Ability to organize each task based on various priority levels.


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