Your 2024 HR Checklist to Retain Top Talent

Here is a handy checklist to plan and accomplish a successful 2024 with retention in mind! If you check these boxes off the list, it’s a good sign you’re taking care of your people, which will also reduce turnover, boost productivity, and lead to stronger business outcomes as a result.

Inside, you'll find:

An interactive PDF that yes, lets you literally check off boxes!

💭 Reflection and planning prompts to align your people goals with overall business objectives.

💚 Actionable tips to improve culture and engagement, recruitment and hiring, growth and development, performance and feedback, wellness, and recognition.

⚒️ Over 10 new tools and resources you can use for free today!

The current state of employee retention

In today's rapidly shifting workforce, organizations face unprecedented challenges in attracting, motivating, and retaining their workforce. Gallup’s State of the Workplace Report found that globally, over half of employees are considering leaving their job, and most are disengaged. Considering employee turnover costs U.S. companies $1 trillion per year, it's critical HR leaders implement retention strategies to retain top staff.

Top reasons for employee turnover

Here are five top reasons employees are leaving their jobs:

  1. Inadequate salary and benefits
  2. Feeling overworked and/or unsupported
  3. Limited career advancement
  4. A need for better work-life balance
  5. Lack of employee recognition

How the employee retention checklist can help

What's unique about our HR Checklist to Retain Top Talent is we've broken down turnover and retention strategies into six categories: company culture, recruitment and hiring, learning and development, performance management, employee wellness, and employee recognition. Retaining top talent takes concerted effort across the employee lifecycle and within different interactions and experiences at work. There are many ways to approach employee retention, and this checklist is a great place to help you create your strategy and set sail.

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