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2023 Bonusly Summit: Win with Recognition

With the workplace evolving and changing at lightning speed, we gathered Bonusly executives, HR leaders, and Bonusly customers to understand what companies can do in this unique economic landscape to build a winning workplace: strengthening businesses and engaging employees.

Sessions in this on-demand webinar include conversations about potent culture challenges companies are facing and how to accurately address them, the ROI of recognition and other intentional workplace practices, and sneak peeks into solutions that will help drive organizational success. Attendees will leave with clarity on how to create connected, motivated, and high-performing teams.

In this summit recording, you’ll learn:

  • What fellow HR leaders and Bonusly users are doing in this unique economic landscape and what they are planning for in 2024
  • The ROI of recognition and how companies are saving money and growing their businesses with Bonusly
  • The why behind the latest product releases from Bonusly and what’s coming up next!

Meet the Presenters

Debra Squyres, Chief Customer Officer at Bonusly

As Bonusly's Chief Customer Officer, Debra combines her passion for an exceptional customer experience with her drive to empower companies to connect, motivate, and engage their employees to build winning workplaces. Prior to Bonusly, Debra was the VP of CS at Beamery and the Chief Client Officer at Namely, to name a few. She has over 25 years of experience in senior leadership roles in Human Resources ranging from in-house HR leadership to HR Consulting, Outsourcing, Client Services, and Customer Success working directly with HR teams across a variety of industries. She currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and two dogs.

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Dr. Bob Nelson, Leading Authority, Employee Recognition/Engagement at Nelson Motivation Inc.

The leading authority on employee recognition, engagement and retention in the world and president of Nelson Motivation Inc., a management training & consulting company that specializes in helping organizations improve their employee recognition practices, programs and systems. He’s an Executive Strategist for HR Issues who has consulted with 80 percent of the Fortune 500, co-founded Recognition Professionals International, and is the creator of Employee Appreciation Day (the first Friday in March each year). He’s a long-term collaborator & confidante of Dr. Ken Blanchard, “The One Minute Manager” and currently a personal coach for Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, the World’s #1-ranked Executive Coach.

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Judith Bartels, VP of Product & Design at Bonusly

Judith is the Vice President of Product & Design at Bonusly and was previously their first senior design leader. She partners with the VP of Engineering to lead product innovation and delivery. Judith uses her design background and effective management of remote teams to build a product organization that is passionate about how work is changing, innovating through human-centered design, and delivering measurably impactful experiences for customers. She was born and raised in Germany and resides in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and two girls.

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Alessandra Adorisio, Lead User Researcher at Bonusly

Alessandra Adorisio is a User Researcher with a passion for understanding people and their behaviors. With a Master's in Anthropology, Alessandra’s research focus was on gender and sexuality in rural Ecuador. Her love for culture and endless journey to understand cultural relativity started during a trip to the Amazon jungle in Peru where she visited a local tribe that welcomed visitors. She has two years of experience working at startups as a user researcher, where she leverages her background in anthropology to inform and guide her research, bringing a deep understanding of human behavior and cultural contexts to every project. She is passionate about using research to inform and drive product decisions that are user-centered. Currently, her research at Bonusly focuses on understanding what high-quality appreciation looks like, and how to make every user feel deeply appreciated.

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Raphael Crawford-Marks, Founder and CEO at Bonusly

Raphael Crawford-Marks is the Founder and CEO of Bonusly, a smart and fun engagement solution that creates connected, motivated, and high-performing teams. He is passionate about building products that help people connect with their work and each other in meaningful ways. Prior to founding Bonusly, Raphael was an early employee at several startups, a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, and an instructor for Year Up. Raphael dropped out of high school to work as a software engineer and eventually earned his BA in Cognitive Science from Hampshire College, where he wrote his senior thesis on Artificial Intelligence.

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