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What to Expect in 2023: Data-Driven HR Predictions

This past year has been anything but predictable. From “The Great Resignation” to “Quiet Quitting,” employers have dealt with more than their share of HR challenges.

While the peak of the pandemic may be in the rearview mirror, high inflation and a volatile stock market are just some of the roadblocks employers will have to navigate past as they venture into 2023. However, if employers ready themselves with the right strategies and tools, they’ll be more than equipped to face whatever comes their way in the New Year.

In this webinar recording, leaders from Checkr, Lever, and Bonusly reflect on 2022, share predictions for 2023, and offer tips to prepare now for the future of work.During this recording, we’ll discuss:

  • What HR teams learned in 2022 (with the data to prove it)
  • How and where to use automation to find efficiencies in your HR tech stack
  • New tactics for developing and retaining top talent for the future of work
  • How to interpret and use people data to tell a story
  • What to carry into the new year from trends like quiet quitting, the great resignation, bleisure, and loud retaining

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