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Understanding How Managers Build Resilience on Teams

Resilience is often considered an individual virtue—and it’s certainly something people can develop themselves, but cultures and organizations also contribute significantly to the ability of the people within them to be resilient. Teams themselves can build resilience as well, ensuring that the department or group as a whole can adapt to any challenge.

In this on-demand webinar, we talk about the key characteristics of a resilient team and the vital role that psychological safety plays in building resilient teams. During this conversation we talk about how building a culture of recognition contributes to psychological safety by fostering a workplace where employees feel safe, supported, and ready for any challenge or crisis.

This webinar recording includes these key elements:

  • Why resilience in the workplace matters and its potential impact on your company’s bottom line.
  • Key ingredients for a more resilient workforce.
  • Tangible tips and insights for promoting resilience in your organization.

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