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The Future of Recognition is Here: Connecting Teams, Empowering Managers, & Driving ROI

Is your employee recognition strategy stuck in the past? In today's dynamic workplace, fostering a connected and valued team is key to success. This on-demand webinar will show how a powerful recognition solution can transform your organization.

Imagine a place where employees love their work, are highly engaged, and help you achieve breakthrough business results. We explore how to move beyond "good job" and towards a meaningful peer-to-peer recognition strategy that provides managers valuable insights into employee strengths to improve team performance. After all, 70% of team engagement hinges on managers!

Real-time data on employee connections empowers proactive intervention, preventing costly disengagement (disengaged employees cost 34% of their salary!). By fostering a culture of recognition, you unlock the power of a highly engaged workforce, which studies show leads to outperforming competitors by 147%!

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • Insights into the limitations of traditional recognition methods and their negative impact on employee engagement and business performance.
  • How a powerful recognition solution can transform team dynamics, fostering a culture of appreciation, meaningful peer-to-peer recognition, and valuable insights for managers.
  • Practical tips and strategies to empower managers to leverage their recognition solution effectively.

Meet the Presenters

Adrianne Hipsher, Manager, Customer Enablement & Programs at Bonusly

Adrianne Hipsher is a Customer Education and Enablement Leader with direct experience building product-focused programming and educational content from the ground up in SaaS and non-profit environments. Adrianne has more than 10 years of success creating and managing training, content, and learning strategies designed to empower learning, increase value and adoption, and drive business outcomes. She loves a fast-paced business environment and has a “roll up your sleeves” attitude.

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Alessandra Adorisio, Lead User Researcher at Bonusly

Alessandra Adorisio is a User Researcher with a passion for understanding people and their behaviors. With a Master's in Anthropology, Alessandra’s research focus was on gender and sexuality in rural Ecuador. Her love for culture and endless journey to understand cultural relativity started during a trip to the Amazon jungle in Peru where she visited a local tribe that welcomed visitors. She has two years of experience working at startups as a user researcher, where she leverages her background in anthropology to inform and guide her research, bringing a deep understanding of human behavior and cultural contexts to every project. She is passionate about using research to inform and drive product decisions that are user-centered. Currently, her research at Bonusly focuses on understanding what high-quality appreciation looks like, and how to make every user feel deeply appreciated.

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