January 31, 2024
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Unlocking Employee Potential: How Managers Enable High-Performance

In this on-demand webinar, we uncover the pitfalls of traditional performance management and advocate for a shift to performance enablement. The term “performance management” implies external control, fostering a reactive, confidence-eroding environment. Enter performance enablement—a people-centric practice empowering employees and managers to achieve their highest potential. Explore the transformative role of recognition and feedback as essential tools for HR leaders and managers in enabling employee performance. For people managers seeking insights, we’ll dive into utilizing data on strengths, bridging silos, and effective time management.

In this on-demand webinar we discuss:

  • How consistent feedback creates the conditions needed to enable performance, and the nine ingredients of effective feedback
  • Ways managers can empower their teams by utilizing data on strengths, bridging silos, and effective time management.
  • The principles of performance enablement—a people-centric approach that empowers employees, decentralizes feedback and inspires high performance.

Meet the Presenters

Alessandra Adorisio, Lead User Researcher at Bonusly

Alessandra Adorisio is a User Researcher with a passion for understanding people and their behaviors. With a Master's in Anthropology, Alessandra’s research focus was on gender and sexuality in rural Ecuador. Her love for culture and endless journey to understand cultural relativity started during a trip to the Amazon jungle in Peru where she visited a local tribe that welcomed visitors. She has two years of experience working at startups as a user researcher, where she leverages her background in anthropology to inform and guide her research, bringing a deep understanding of human behavior and cultural contexts to every project. She is passionate about using research to inform and drive product decisions that are user-centered. Currently, her research at Bonusly focuses on understanding what high-quality appreciation looks like, and how to make every user feel deeply appreciated.

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Namaste Reid, Data Engineering Manager at Bonusly

Namaste has 20 years of experience creating software systems as a member of early-stage startups all the way up to large enterprises. He transitioned into a leadership role five years ago in order to build high-performing teams where people thrive personally and professionally. His focus is service to his team and organization with alignment to meaningful work, ensuring that everybody succeeds together.

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