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What makes recognition from a colleague even more special? When you pair that recognition with meaningful rewards!

In today's globalized working environment, it is becoming more common for companies to have employees working internationally. Because of this, it is important for us to work with our partners and vendors to constantly expand Bonusly's Rewards Catalog, so we can bring more reward options to international users. In these efforts, we can continue to provide a space for people to make meaningful connections through recognition, while getting rewarded for it, no matter where they are located.  

We listened to our customers' needs for more rewards options, so we partnered with multiple vendors to expand our international rewards offering. We've added multiple brands to our international gift cards, powered by both Tango and Tremendous. This exciting expansion improves the rewards experience for Bonusly users to have more options, regardless of location.

But wait, there's more! Another new addition to the Bonusly Rewards Catalog is the international Visa gift card powered by Tremendous, which allows users to redeem this popular prepaid option globally at more than 175 countries. And even more good news, the new international Visa gift card has no conversion or user fees.

We are continously adding to this list as we strive to offer meaningful rewards for everyone, everywhere. We have recently launched more than 100 brands in 50+ countries within the last month, highlighting some of them below. We encourage you to check out the full catalog of Bonusly Rewards to view the expansive list of international rewards to choose from. 


  • Dan Murphy's
  • IKEA Australia
  • Target


  • Apple AT
  • Cyperport
  • Cyperport
  • H&M Austria
  • Jollydays


  • 3 Food
  • Cafe CAF
  • Artisan
  • Crocodile


  • Lifestyle
  • Lulu Hypermarket


  • C&C
  • Carrefour
  • Decathalon

Czech Republic

  • Adidas
  • Amazon
  • H&M C


  • Anghami Plus
  • Shahid VIP Subscriptions
  • Lifestyle 


  • Adidas
  • Baskin Robbins 
  • Coasta 
  • GrabFood
  • Starbucks 

New Zealand

  • David Jones
  • Farmers
  • Just Jeans

South Korea

  • Cultureland
  • Nexon


  • Adidas
  • H&M
  • Jula
  • Lindex
  • Dressman
  • Footlocker


  • Apple
  • Coop

Don't see your favorite brands or country? 

This list is just some of the many brands we added this month. Please check out the full catalog of Bonusly Rewards and simply click on a specific country to view all of the brands available.

Check out this customer story on Jellyfish, an enterprise company in the UK, that utilizes Bonusly's rewards options to keep their distributed teams connected and engaged.


When you add Bonusly as your rewards and recognition solution, we want to make sure you get started right away. This means ensuring that Bonusly syncs seamlessly with your HRIS, and we found the right integration just for that!😎  

We are thrilled to share that Bonusly now integrates with Merge, making your HRIS integration easy, so launching Bonusly is a breeze. Merge works in the background connecting and importing user data between Bonusly and your HRIS in one instance. This removes the confusion on user management settings configured leading up to launch.

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This is great news not just for developers, but also for you! Because of Merge's single API, maintenance after launch is painless with continuous syncing. When you make edits to your userbase, such as adding or removing employee information from your HRIS, it will make that change in Bonusly too. Information syncs automatically keeping your data up to date without the manual work of maintaining multiple systems.

What to expect with our Merge integration:

✍️ Simple HRIS setup: Initialize, import, and update data automatically.

🎉 Seamless Bonusly launch:  Sync HRIS and Bonusly with a few clicks.

✅ Easy maintenance: Save Bonusly Admins time with continuous syncing.

List of HRIS our Merge integration supports:

Alexis HR







HR Cloud

HR Partner















Square Payroll




Want to learn more about our Merge integration, check out the details in our Help Center.

Visit our full list of integrations to see other ways to make recognition easy with Bonusly and then check us out!

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