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How We Partner with You

Adoption Acceleration
Value Realization

Stage One


Your journey to a high-performing
team starts here

Think of onboarding as your personalized launchpad to organizational success. We'll work with you to:

  • Define your goals and set clear success metrics.
  • Tailor your Bonusly account to fit your unique needs and goals.
  • Integrate Bonusly seamlessly with your existing tools to streamline your workflows to maximize impact.
  • Get your team excited and onboarded with Bonusly. We'll provide the tools and tips to ignite engagement from day one.

Stage Two

Adoption Acceleration

Amplify Your Impact

Once you're up and running, we don't just fade into the background. We become your recognition rocket boosters, propelling you towards maximum impact. Here's how:

  • We help you foster a culture of peer-to-peer recognition, the secret sauce for skyrocketing engagement.
  • We empower you with actionable insights about your people. Dive into who's giving and receiving recognition, and use that data to fuel targeted initiatives and turbocharge results.
  • Access a treasure trove of best-in-class resources, including live workshops, on-demand guides, and expert tips.
  • Bonusly provides a comprehensive toolkit to help you maximize your employee recognition program and foster a more engaged workforce. Whether it’s best practice webinars, quick reference guides, targeted support articles, always on training videos, or Feature Focus sessions you’ll have everything you need to drive optimal organizational performance at every step of your journey.

Stage Three

Value Realization

Reach New Heights

Once your team is raving about Bonusly, we’ll unlock its full potential together. We'll help you:

  • Analyze data like a pro and make strategic tweaks to your Bonusly program.
  • Discover powerful new features you haven't explored yet.
  • Use data to tell the story of your success. Showcase the tangible impact of Bonusly on employee engagement, productivity, and more. Impress your stakeholders and make employee engagement a boardroom conversation.

How we elevate  you


The Bonusly Customer Roundtable program connects Bonusly customers from
similar organizations to share best practices, build relationships, and improve
their Bonusly usage.

Early Access

Partner with Product & Customer Success to test & provide feedback on new features and rollout plans before they are released to
all customers.


Contribute to improving UI, existing features and capabilities of Bonusly through group and individual discussions or sharing input
in targeted surveys.


Share your knowledge and passions with the HR community while building your professional profile by participating in panel discussions, webinar and conference presentations,
co-authoring blog posts and other research.


Join forces with product and academic researchers to exchange insights and approaches to employee appreciation, gaining valuable knowledge on how to effectively foster a culture of appreciation.


Bring your experience to life for every team member at Bonusly by joining a company all-hands to share why you selected Bonusly, how you’re using it, what impact it has had, what you love and what you’d recommend we focus on
to improve.

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