We’re in it for the people.

Creative, smart, and talented people make businesses successful. And we love them for it! Whether they work at your company or ours, we strive to offer employees the best company culture and employee experience possible. We believe in creating workplaces where meaningful connections matter — where people and businesses thrive on mutual success.

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What drives us? Engagement!

It’s proven that employee engagement and recognition help people and businesses soar. We’ve seen this first-hand on our teams and in the successes our customers have when they adopt Bonusly. We know that engagement has a lot to do with our impressive growth and being recognized as a great place to work. We want to bring that engagement to our customers’ workplaces too. That’s what drives us.

What do we prioritize?
Our values!

Our values aren't just nice-sounding words on a poster. We use the Bonusly platform to operationalize our values and incorporate them into our recognition program:

Go get results
Be an excellent teammate
Default to transparency
Work smarter
Seek and embrace diversity
Delight the customer

At Bonusly, we prioritize diversity and inclusion in our product, hiring practices, and our workplace. As of 2023, Bonusly’s leadership team, people managers, and company are 47% non-male. We are also 20% non-white, and black and Latinx employees make up 11% of our employee roster.

Our Leadership

Judith Bartels
VP, Product & Design
Raphael Crawford-Marks
Adri Glover
Interim Head of People
Lucas Greenberg
VP, Sales
Dru Jacobs
Dani Larson
Chief of Staff
Brian Noyle
VP, Engineering

Our Investors

Our Board

Raphael Crawford-Marks
Richard Harjes
Next Frontier Capital
Kirk Holland
Access Ventures
Amish Jani
FirstMark Capital
Newth Morris
Ankona Capital

Experience life at Bonusly

Does Bonusly seem like a good fit for your values and experience? Take a look at our job postings and if you find a role you’d love to fill, show us what you’re made of. ✨

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