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Life at Bonusly

At Bonusly, we work to improve employee experiences at companies around the world. Not surprisingly, we are deeply committed to our own team's experience! Their happiness and career achievements are key…because people are the primary driver of business success. That’s one of many reasons we make sure our employees are seen and valued.

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Our meaningful motivators

Diversity & Inclusion

We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds. It’s the right thing to do and it makes our teams stronger. Inclusion is imperative at a company where we help employees connect with their work and each other.

Employee Engagement

We know that highly-engaged teams are high-performing teams. It’s why we work toward a future in which every employee derives a sense of purpose, progress, and belonging from their work, including here at Bonusly.

Our Values

These values permeate our company culture and are integrated into the Bonusly platform. They’ll give you a good sense of what it’s like to work here:

Trust First and Always

Trust is the foundation of all our values. And as such, we value it over everything. We believe that trust is given.

Speak the Truth

With Trust as our foundation, we have the freedom and responsibility to speak openly and candidly about
things that can help advance the organization.

Raise the Bar

Bonusly, like all startups, is for “pirates & romantics” –
people who are constantly, annoyingly, dissatisfied with
the status quo. This is the only way that we will succeed: by always imagining how things could be better, and working our tails off to make what we imagine, real.

Apply Common Sense

There are infinite problems to solve and infinite approaches to solving them. We will only be successful if we are great at picking the right problems to solve, and the right ways to solve them.

Get it Done

Our other values enable us to execute rapidly. Without rapid execution there can be no success. Go get it done.

Benefits & Perks

Health/Dental/Vision Insurance
Short-term/Long-term Disability & Life Insurance
401k with Employer Matching
Bonusly for Bonusly Employees

The view from inside Bonusly

We get BIG results

Founded in 2013, Bonusly has achieved outstanding results in just 10 years, including 3,250+ customers, 400,000+ users, and $18.9M in our latest funding round. More than nine in 10 Bonusly customers see improved employee engagement, 88% see a morale increase and 89% experience better employee satisfaction.

We (mostly) work remotely

Bonusly is headquartered in Boulder, CO, and we have remote employees across the country. Our people are creative, smart, and talented, and you would love working with them! It won’t surprise you to learn that we’re very good at staying connected despite working at home or in separate cities. We make an effort to get together at least once each year IRL!

Andrew Horn
United States

“Leveling the playing field is key as it allows us to express gratitude and recognition from every perspective: horizontally, from the top down, and from the bottom up.”

Victoria Melcher
Manager, Culture & Engagement
Austin, TX, USA
Internet services

"We chose Bonusly because it's globally scalable, which was especially important to our company leadership due to our rapid growth and distributed teams."

Maria Alparaz
HR Assistant
California, USA
Internet services

"The rollout went really well — people started using it right away."

Andrew Schrader
Manager, Human Resources
New York, USA

"Having the ability to recognize someone immediately is the most valuable part of Bonusly."

Scott Orn
Chief Operating Officer
Kruze Consulting
Austin, TX

"Bonusly unites our team and helps people feel good about their contributions."

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