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How Bonusly helps Solugenix embrace transparency and make employees feel valued

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"Bonusly worked wonders for team morale during the fast growth and uncertainty of acquisition and the quick move to remote work during the pandemic."

Nicole Pigeon
Customer Support Services


Inconsistent recognition wasn't motivating their hybrid team

"It's hard for call center employees to stand out," explains Nicole Pigeon, the Operations & Account Manager for Customer Support Services at Solugenix, an IT services firm that provides dedicated support center services, among other things.

"When a call center support member has an exceptional call, the customer might be pleased, but leadership doesn’t necessarily hear from that customer. With our old recognition program, it was hard to see, let alone celebrate, these wins."

"It was also discouraging that we didn’t recognize everyone equally. Our work environment includes on-site and remote workers, and sometimes the contributions of our remote employees were less visible than their on-site counterparts."

"We wanted a recognition program that would make recognition visible, fair, and timely, with more personalized rewards," says Nicole.

Bonusly delivers fair, transparent, and positive recognition

Nicole remembers Bonusly having an immediate impact: "Bonusly gave everyone an equal voice. Managers and leaders suddenly had visibility into positive customer interactions and ways that people help each other—all things they couldn’t see before."

"We saw high rates of adoption and positive feedback about Bonusly from the start," Nicole says. "People are impressed that our engagement is so high, but I’m not surprised. Our company is all about supporting and recognizing one another, regardless of where someone works. That does wonders for morale."

"Since adopting Bonusly, we've worked our quality assurance (QA) scores, customer satisfaction surveys, and recruitment referrals into the platform with Bonusly's Awards suite. We also recognize people with Bonusly points when they get positive customer satisfaction surveys, refer people to work for our company, and volunteer to appear on our social media platforms."


Bonusly helped new coworkers connect after an acquisition

When Solugenix acquired the company Nicole and her 100-person team worked for, they added their HR and IT support staff to Bonusly to encourage everyone to become familiar with their new colleagues.

"We had to scale quickly and effectively, and we used Bonusly to help us achieve that," Nicole says. "It helped integrate our folks into the larger team in a natural way."

Bonusly keeps engagement and morale top of mind when everyone's remote

"Bonusly worked wonders for team morale during the fast growth and uncertainty of acquisition and the quick move to remote work during the pandemic," Nicole remarks.

"We saw increased engagement as people began to work from home and praise each other on the platform. Everyone can view that praise, which is great exposure for individuals and teams."

Nicole also notes that Bonusly's monthly reporting capabilities help her and other Solugenix managers see the correlation between low engagement and low team morale.

"It’s pretty simple—when people are recognized for their hard work, they feel better about their job, and do better work. Monthly reporting reminds us that we need to keep this top of mind. If we see a drop in Bonusly engagement, we can hop on a call and discuss ways to improve."

Public recognition makes all the difference

"Transparency is a crucial part of what Bonusly has done for Solugenix."
Nicole Pigeon, Operations & Account Manager, Customer Support Services, Solugenix

Solugenix employees contributed to 41% of recognition posts (Mar 2020 - Sep 2021).
92% of Solugenix employees recognized monthly (Mar 2020 - Sep 2021).
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