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Bonusly Launches Performance Enablement Solution to Cultivate High-Performing Organizations

Laura Saracho
June 24, 2024
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Denver, CO - June 24, 2024 Bonusly, a provider of rewards, recognition, and employee engagement solutions aimed at helping companies cultivate high-performing organizations, today announced the launch of Bonusly Achieve. Bonusly Achieve transforms today’s burdensome, outdated, and infrequent performance management process into personalized, weekly, and relevant interactions between managers and their employees to drive higher engagement and better outcomes. 

“Bonusly Achieve marks a pivotal milestone as we aim to transform traditional performance management processes and the systems that support it,” said Raphael Crawford-Marks, founder and CEO, Bonusly. “We’ve always been laser-focused on enabling people and teams to perform at their best, which is ultimately what drives better outcomes for companies. The launch of Bonusly Achieve continues to deliver on that commitment as we empower managers, the hardest and most consequential role in any organization, to unlock the power of their teams and drive better business performance.” 

With peer feedback, collaborative meeting agendas, employee recognition, AI-powered notes, and manager tools and best practices, the Bonusly Achieve performance enablement solution improves manager effectiveness, offers clear performance insights, and drives a deeper commitment to continuous employee growth.

“Bonusly’s peer-to-peer recognition and employee engagement solution has been a game-changer for Minnesota United FC,” said Thomas Turner, Senior Manager, Guest Experience and Employee Engagement, Minnesota United FC. “Bonusly aligns with our core organizational beliefs and seamlessly integrates into our daily operations via Slack and a mobile app. With a monthly employee participation rate of around 80%, Bonusly has boosted morale and strengthened inter-departmental relationships. The positive impact on our culture and employee engagement is palpable. We’re excited about taking employee engagement and performance levels even further with Bonusly Achieve.”

Specific features of the Bonusly Achieve performance enablement solution include:

  • Collaborative 1:1 Meetings - Managers and employees work together to create engaging 1:1 meetings. Collaborative agendas standardize conversations, facilitate relationships, and prompt growth-oriented feedback conversations. 
  • Built-In Manager Tools & Best Practices - Develop exceptional managers on the job through helpful manager tools, best practices, and prompts. 
  • Contextual Recognition Activity Integration - Employee recognitions given through Bonusly are seamlessly integrated into 1:1 meetings for better transparency of team member performance and acknowledgment.
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition - Organizations foster belonging and community with peer-to-peer recognition that breaks down silos, increases collaboration, and offers transparency into employee contributions that might have gone unnoticed.
  • Integration - Bonusly Achieve seamlessly integrates with existing systems, including HRIS, SSO, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. 
“Employee performance is core to the modern HR function, and our research finds that the most effective organizations know that the burden placed on managers to drive employee performance is immense,” said Kyle Lagunas, Head of Strategy and Principal Analyst, Aptitude Research. “It’s very good news that companies like Bonusly are approaching this problem with a deeper understanding of the needs of these linchpins of employee engagement, retention and growth. Bonusly’s latest product innovation is a natural evolution of their offering - and a strong solution for supporting a continuous, structured approach to performance enablement.”

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About Bonusly

Founded in 2013, Bonusly powers employee engagement and performance by fostering and strengthening key relationships at work.  Bonusly’s performance enablement solution is designed to displace outdated, infrequent, and cumbersome performance management practices and systems. With Bonusly, organizations can seamlessly reward employee milestones, foster meaningful relationships through peer-to-peer recognition, enable consistent performance feedback, and equip managers with tools and insights to unlock a team’s full potential. 

Bonusly offers tailored and flexible solutions for organizations of all sizes regardless of their stage in the employee engagement and performance journey. More than 3,400 global organizations including ZipRecruiter, Baxter, Seat Geek, and Qualtrics, use Bonusly to boost employee engagement, foster a culture of recognition, and improve employee and business performance. With more than 500,000 global users, Bonusly has been named #1 in Employee Recognition on G2 for nine consecutive quarters.

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