People and teams are the drivers of business success

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People drive performance

Having supportive
managers increases
retention by

Source: Bonusly/Lighthouse Advisory

Companies with engaged
employees financially
outperform competitors by

Source: Gallup

Companies that prioritize
employee development
average economic profit of

$1 billion
Source: McKinsey

Building highly engaged workforces drives business outcomes and creates workplaces that employees love.

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Empower managers,
drive outcomes

People managers are the key to driving engagement and outcomes. Managers—more than any other factor—influence team engagement and performance. Gallup found that 70% of team engagement variance is determined by the manager. Moreover, Bonusly conducted a survey and uncovered that having a supportive manager doubles retention rates.

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How we do it

Bonusly’s performance enablement solution recognizes employee wins, builds meaningful connections, enables consistent feedback, and equips managers with tools and insights—to unlock your team's full potential.

With Bonusly, you connect:

Organizations with people

Automate how to recognize and reward employees.

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with each other

Build positive and productive relationships throughout your entire organization.

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Managers with their teams

Drive employee engagement and performance enablement to reach new business heights.

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"We chose Bonusly because it's globally scalable, which was especially important to our company leadership due to our rapid growth and distributed teams."

Victoria Melcher

Manager, Culture & Engagement


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