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Instant gift cards

Let your employees choose how they want to spend their points! They can choose from 1,200+ gift cards supported in 200+ countries. With categories like Apparel, Food and Drink, and Travel there’s a gift card to delight everyone at your organization.

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Cash out options

Sometimes, the best reward is cold hard cash. That’s why your employees can cash out their Bonusly rewards on PayPal, Visa gift cards, and prepaid Mastercards. If employees want to use their own earned points to recognize their peers, they can redeem their allowance for a “Points Boost”.

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Charitable donations

Bonusly offers more than 50 donation options to support causes your employees care about. Bonusly users have donated millions of dollars to causes that are important to their organizations and communities.

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Company swag

Now you can offer branded company swag, hassle-free! Bonusly partnered with AXOMO so your employees can easily order the gear they want from their reward store. Best of all, fulfillment is automated, so you save time and money.

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Lunch with the CEO
Local sports team tickets
Paid half day off
Donate to the local animal shelter

Custom rewards made for your employees

Create meaningful rewards that your employees want and appreciate — extra vacation days, local experiences, lunch with the CEO, and so much more. Get as creative as you'd like!

McKenzie H.
R&D IT Recruiter

“I think it's fantastic that points can be redeemed with SOOO many different options from gift cards to donations to charity there is something for everyone to gain by using their points each month and wanting to get points to redeem!”

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