Rewards Budgeting Calculator

Why offer meaningful employee rewards?

By providing thoughtful employee rewards, you can significantly boost participation in your employee recognition program. Consistent recognition leads to increased employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

The Impact of Employee Recognition and Rewards

Implementing a recognition and rewards program is a surefire way to increase employee engagement. According to our recent Employee Engagement guide:

Low-engagement teams experience turnover rates that are 18% to 43% higher than highly engaged teams. Moreover, when comparing highly engaged teams to poorly engaged teams, here are just a few of the benefits engaged organizations experience:
81% reduction in absenteeism
43% reduction in turnover
18% increase in productivity
23% increase in profitability
Watch the video to ensure the recognition you provide actually makes an impact by including the six qualities of effective employee recognition.

Increased employee engagement gives your organization a competitive advantage—a key thing to keep in mind when you’re considering your rewards budget.