Bonusly makes it easy to act on your people analytics

At-a-glance team overview

Easily spot recognition trends at a moment's notice and stay on top of shifts in your team’s morale. Gain a better understanding of the core company values your team exemplifies and their overall recognition trends.

Monitor the top receivers at your company

Learn which team members are recognized the most at your company. They’re displayed on a dashboard you can customize using filters for time range, company values, or team. 

Quickly understand team adoption

Gather data about how the whole organization participates in your recognition program. Segment the results by time range, location, team, role, and more.

Track and demonstrate engagement

Unlock insights about how your team recognizes one another, and prove the value of your employee recognition program to stakeholders using engagement statistics.

Tell the story of how your team connects

Get insights into how your team is recognized by others, or display connections using the organization graph. The thicker the line, the stronger the connection!

Analyze recognition themes

Uncover patterns about the type of work for which your employees are recognized. Your customized word cloud makes a great addition to presentations about company culture. 

Make connections to eliminate silos

With participation analytics, HR leaders can track Bonusly’s adoption and view organization-wide recognition trends. Participation data identifies potential silos and reveals how connected (or disconnected) teams are within the organization.

Address fairness and recency bias

Weekly one-on-ones and annual performance reviews are easier and more impactful with Bonusly in your tool belt. Managers have richer performance conversations and reduce recency bias by tapping into past recognition data.

Bonusly for inclusion & belonging
Amy W.
Founder and CEO
Small Business

“The most helpful feature of Bonusly is the reporting analytics. I can easily see who is using it, who needs a little recognition, and it allows us to calculate our quarterly award winners for core value representation.”

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Prove recognition’s ROI

It’s easy to display and tell the story of recognition at your company using Bonusly’s exportable people analytics, which includes data and tables, built in tips and recommendations, and intuitive data filters. It’s a straightforward way to ensure your recognition program’s success.

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