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Our performance enablement solution recognizes employee milestones, builds meaningful relationships, and equips managers with tools and insights.

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Employees feel valued with a sense of belonging and pride for their contributions to business success.


Centralized, collaborative 1:1s

Align employee work with
business goals

Manager training

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Tap into your team’s full potential

Reward employee milestones

Acknowledging important milestones, like start dates, birthdays and work anniversaries, is the first step to making employees feel valued. Bonusly automates this process so you never miss anyone’s special date and the burden is removed from managers.

Automate your employee milestones

Peer-to-peer recognition

Enabling employees to positively endorse their peers helps to strengthen relationships and engagement between employees. Companies operate smoother when teams communicate better, align on priorities, and focus on optimizing productivity.

Improve employee engagement

Consistent feedback

Structured 1:1 agendas serve as a foundation to guide productive conversations between managers and employees. Instituting a regular meeting schedule empowers direct reports to have ownership of project updates with collaborative open discussion.

Supercharge your 1:1 meetings

Manager enablement

Many times managers lack tools to motivate employees consistently. Bonusly provides helpful tips on best practices to improve manager effectiveness, build a positive and engaged team, and create a balanced view of performance.

Make your managers exceptional

“Bonusly has been a game changer for our recognition efforts, helping our employees feel more connected to each other and our business. We’re excited to use Bonusly Achieve to help our managers engage more effectively with their teams, further driving retention, boosting morale, and fueling performance.”

Lauren Whitehouse

Employee Experience Manager

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