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Nexthink Unifies a Global Workforce and Celebrates Unsung Heroes

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Gabi Tofani
Talent Management Lead
40 countries worldwide
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"We’ve seen a 15% increase in recognition sentiment in our employee engagement survey."

Gabi Tofani
Talent Management Lead

The challenge

Nexthink needed a way to connect 1,000 employees across 40 countries and help them rally around common goals and values. Nexthink has always had a friendly, non-hierarchal company culture where anyone can approach a colleague as a peer. Acts of recognition were taking place privately within teams and departments, but much of the great work went unnoticed by the wider community. This siloed and impromptu approach wasn't solving for silos or morale, but it was the way things had always been done.

Gabi Tofani, Talent Management Lead at Nexthink, realized that in order to strengthen bridges between departments and regions, she needed a centralized and visible recognition platform. Enter Bonusly!


The solution

Unifying a global workforce

"One of the most valuable benefits of Bonusly is helping us overcome geographic barriers between employees in different time zones and countries."

Saving time and money

"The accounting department really likes Bonusly because we can distribute rewards quickly without the headache of ensuring we have the right amount in the correct currency. We have integrations set up so it's pretty seamless and self-sustaining."

Bolstering resilience

"We launched Bonusly during the pandemic, where getting a kind word from anybody was much appreciated. Bonusly helped employees feel seen even when we couldn’t be physically present. The resiliency we have built with Bonusly continues to bolster our workforce during times of economic uncertainty."

Operationalizing a nominations program

"Once we launched Bonusly, we maximized this hashtag feature for our core value awards. We have one award for each of our four values, and our nomination process for these awards now happens exclusively through Bonusly."

Promoting key holidays at work

"On International Women’s Day, for example, we rewarded those people who took the time to discuss the challenges women face in the workplace. And for Employee Appreciation Day, we doubled everyone’s point allowance for the month to encourage them to be extra thankful to their colleagues. We can tailor Bonusly to fit the company’s priorities and focus at any given time and this flexibility also empowers managers to encourage specific actions within their teams."

Celebrating unsung heroes

"Bonusly’s analytics have become especially important for us. It helps the talent and management team determine how workloads are distributed, and identify the unsung heroes of the organization who might go unnoticed otherwise."

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90% of employees receive monthly recognition on average.
Bonusly implementation resulted in a 15% increase in recognition sentiment for Nexthink's employee engagement survey.
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