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Marmon Foodservice Technologies Increased Recognition and Retention Around the World

A conversation with:
Jamelyn Cotton
Group V.P. Human Resources
HQ - Illinois


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"Since we've implemented Bonusly, our HR leaders are spending less time on the administration and are really able to focus on more strategic priorities."

Jamelyn Cotton
Group V.P. Human Resources


With a diverse portfolio of brands and products catering to high-end commercial kitchens worldwide, Marmon Foodservice Technologies needed to establish a seamless and equitable recognition program for their global workforce. Bonusly emerged as the perfect solution, offering the means to create consistency and transparency while celebrating the stellar work of their employees across facilities and regions.

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The Solution

Solving for turnover and disengagement

“Since implementing Bonusly, we've seen improvements in turnover and employee engagement across our organization. To date, we've seen just over a 50% increase in retention. Since the year ending December 31st of 2022, we saw participation go from 91% to 97%, which is phenomenal for an organization our size in the manufacturing sector.”

Saving time and standardizing recognition around the globe

“Before we implemented the Bonusly platform, we had distinct recognition programs across all our geographies. Oftentimes, they were managed very manually amongst our human resources and HR business partners. Since we've implemented the Bonusly platform, our HR partners are spending less time on the administration and are really able to focus on more strategic priorities.”

Findings from a 2023 Bonusly customer survey. 

“We have benefited from using Bonusly in a number of ways. First and foremost, the ease of administration and having consistent and transparent recognition programs across all of our geographies and really reinforcing the values that we espouse.”

Marmon Foodservice Technologies’ favorite features

“One of the unique features that Bonusly offers that is phenomenal is the analytics. We can see which teams are giving the most recognition, which employees are given the most recognition. We can see how people are being recognized, what values employees are seeing and experiencing the most.”

97% of employees give or receive recognition every month!
Marmon Foodservice Technologies' retention improved by 50% after implementing Bonusly.
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