Extend the reach of your recognition program with Bonusly and Zapier

Elisse Lockhart
July 11, 2018
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We’re very excited about our latest integration for Bonusly — a Zapier integration! ⚡️If you haven’t heard about Zapier, it’s a powerful platform that allows you to easily connect the different apps you use to automate tedious tasks. We often hear ideas from our customers about how they’d like to connect Bonusly to various other tools they use, and we’re so excited to see the ways that customers put this new integration into action.

We’ve created some Zap templates to help you get started. These are connections between Bonusly and other apps, and they’re made of a trigger and an action. Whenever the trigger event happens, Zapier will automatically make the action event happen for you! Check out these 💡ideas to help you get even more visibility into the great work your team is doing.

Give bonuses based on projects completed in Asana and Trello

If you’re using project management software like Asana and Trello, we want to help make it easier for you to recognize team members when their projects are completed. With Zapier, you can automatically give a bonus to your team member by adding a label or tag to your task -- without having to switch between tools and retype details about the project. ✅


Amplify recognition by talking about it face to face

When your team does something great, make sure to emphasize the accomplishment during your 1:1s. 🎉Using our Zapier integration, you can now automatically add a 1:1 talking point in Small Improvements when one of your team members receives an important bonus or achievement. 


Encourage employee participation in surveys with Typeform

Many of our customers use Bonusly to incentivize employees to complete engagement surveys, workplace questionnaires, and suggestion boxes. Now, instead of tracking responses and manually giving out bounty bonuses, you can use Zapier to automatically give bonuses when someone completes your Typeform. Plus, you can set up an award for those bonuses to come from.


Celebrate wins by recognizing new customers from Hubspot CRM

Celebrating new customers helps bring visibility to your sales team's successes and keeps your team excited about the growth at your company. Use our Zapier integration to automate bonuses for sales reps when they close a deal in your CRM (such as Hubspot) so the whole team learns about your latest customers. 🙌


Post Bonusly activity to Chatter, Ryver, and other chat platforms

Boost engagement with your recognition program by posting Bonusly activity directly in the chat tools your team members already rely on. No one will have to switch applications to learn about new bonuses and achievements. Bonusly integrates directly with the most popular chat tools like Slack and Stride, but our Zapier integration makes it easy to connect to a handful of others!


Bring recognition into your physical environment

Last, but definitely not least, one of our personal favorite new possibilities is extending Bonusly beyond software. With Zapier, you can set up connections between what happens in Bonusly and your physical work environment. Not sure what this might be? Check out our team’s Bubble Bot 🤗


If the Bubble Bot isn’t quite your style, here are a few other ideas for bringing recognition into your physical environment:

  • A physical office gong that rings on sales bonuses
  • Popcorn machine controlled by Bonusly achievements
  • Disco ball dance party when a certain amount of Bonusly points are awarded
  • Electric train that goes around the office for specific hashtags

If you’re interested in trying something like this, check out our step-by-step guide!

Get started

To try out Zapier + Bonusly, just click any of the Zaps above or create your own Zaps using the 1,000+ tools on Zapier. We’re excited to see how you use Zapier to extend the reach of your Bonusly recognition program. Tweet us @bonusly to let us know about the Zaps you create!


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