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New donation options in Bonusly

George Dickson
May 15, 2015
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We're proud to offer Bonusly users an easy way to donate their earnings to great causes through organizations like, Clean Water Fund, and many others. We recently expanded our donation catalog to include some new options:

America SCORES

America SCORES is dedicated to improving the health and education of students across the country. Their stated goal is "to inspire urban youth to lead healthy lives, be engaged students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world."

Students participating in America SCORES programs write more than 20,000 original literary works each year, get 10 times more exercise than the national average, and provide 200,000 hours of volunteer work to their communities. To learn more about where your donations go, and some other ways you can get involved, visit

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

The researchers and students of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health are dedicated to "the global defense of human life." Your donations can make a world of difference in countless ways, from providing gifted students with scholarship support, to helping prevent the spread of ebola and Lyme disease.

You can learn more about the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and how your donations are put to work on their website


(RED) works to end AIDS through partnerships with some of the world's most recognized brands. You may have noticed (RED) editions of some of your favorite products already.

Although (RED) is famous for doing great work with organizations across the world, millions of dollars from individual donors have also been put to good use in the fight against AIDS. You can learn more about (RED), and how your donations can make a difference, at

Ride 2 Recovery

Ride 2 Recovery is an organization dedicated to helping restore hope and purpose to wounded veterans through five main programs: Project HERO, Challenges, Honor Ride, Special Events, and Initiatives.

Ride 2 Recovery Challenges grew from the first ride, with only 14 riders, to multiple 200 person rides all across the world. Learn more about how your donations can make a difference at

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