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Fun and funded: Announcing Bonusly's $9M Series A funding round

Raphael Crawford-Marks
June 1, 2020
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Bonusly was one of the first companies to drive the shift toward real-time, employee-centric recognition, feedback, and people analytics. From the start, we’ve been guided by the belief that people are the critical driver of business success. That belief has driven us to develop a solution that facilitates recognition, rewards, and actionable insights for all employees, from frontline workers to the C-suite.

It’s been exciting to watch as the “future of work” has rapidly become a reality. In that time, Bonusly has expanded to serve companies of all sizes, industries, and geographies. We’re now working with over 1,700 companies to help them create high-performance, high-engagement teams. Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been our privilege to provide solutions for companies seeking better ways to enable communication, collaboration, and team cohesion for a fully-remote workforce. 💚

I am proud to announce our US$9M Series A funding round.

This investment is the direct result of the Bonusly team’s hard work and dedication. 🎉 It also speaks to the tremendous opportunity we have to enable companies and their employees to be successful as workplace needs, challenges, and expectations continue to evolve. Access Venture Partners led the capital raise, which also attracted investment from a number of the world’s leading software investors and entrepreneurs. Existing Bonusly investor FirstMark Capital participated in our latest funding, and they were joined by new investors, including Next Frontier Capital and Operator Partners. 

Raising money is not a marker of success in itself. What matters is how we invest that money to better serve our customers and equip them to bring out the best in their people. We will use this funding to continue to grow our team and develop our market-leading recognition and rewards platform. The Bonusly team is also hard at work developing additional products and features that we’re very excited to share with you in the near future. 🤩

There will always be a need to build strong, connected teams, and Bonusly is excited to partner with companies and leaders around the world to improve communication, collaboration, morale, and team cohesiveness. I'm incredibly grateful for the Bonusly team and customer partnerships that have gotten us this far, and I look forward to what's to come!

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