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Scaling culture with intention: How BigCommerce invests in global peer-to-peer recognition

A conversation with:
Victoria Melcher
Manager, Culture & Engagement
Austin, TX, USA
  • Dublin, IE
  • Sydney, AU
  • Kiev, UA
Internet services
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"We chose Bonusly because it's globally scalable, which was especially important to our company leadership due to our rapid growth and distributed teams."

Victoria Melcher
Manager, Culture & Engagement


"Not everyone felt comfortable in front of an audience"

Until 2017, BigCommerce's leadership team encouraged employees to celebrate each other's accomplishments during their weekly all-hands meetings.

"It was fantastic to hear peers celebrating one another for work that may have gone unrecognized otherwise," says Victoria Melcher, BigCommerce's Manager, Culture & Engagement.

"However, we knew that not everyone felt comfortable giving or receiving recognition in front of an audience. Peer recognition was always a part of our culture, but it wasn’t as organic and timely as we would’ve liked."

"Among the recognition tools we explored, Bonusly became a top choice because it's globally scalable, which was especially important to our company leadership due to our rapid growth and distributed teams," Victoria explains.

"Employees loved Bonusly right away"

BigCommerce's CEO announced the rollout of Bonusly to the entire company on Employee Appreciation Day in 2017. "There’s no better way to kick off adoption than that kind of visible and vocal support from your most senior leader," Victoria says.

"Employees loved it right away," Victoria says, "because recognition from their peers was visible in a way it had never been before."

Victoria joined us at our 2022 Employee Appreciation Day webinar and spoke in greater detail about BigCommerce's year-round recognition practices. Catch the recording to hear why Employee Appreciation Day is a great stepping stone for creating a year-round culture of appreciation.
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Making it easy for dispersed teams to stay aligned

"There has to be a lot of intention when you’re working in remote and hybrid environments to make sure that recognition doesn’t disappear," says Victoria. Bonusly keeps everyone moving in the same direction because it's easy for employees to invoke BigCommerce's company values on a regular basis.

"All recognition in Bonusly is connected to hashtags of our company values: #teamonamission, #makeadifferenceeveryday, #thinkbig, #customersfirst, and #actwithintegrity. With Bonusly, we can easily tie our behaviors to our values every day. It fosters a culture that you want to be a part of."

"Company values matter because employees face tough decisions every day. The right way isn’t always the easy way, and you want employees to do what’s right for your organization every time. This has been only more true during the pandemic, when people have been working from home and have less daily guidance or interaction with their managers and team members. With Bonusly, we're able to reinforce those values and have employees champion what it means to be a part of BigCommerce."

"We've been so thankful to Bonusly for helping us allow peer recognition to come through organically—it's just been so helpful for keeping us together," says Victoria. "It builds up our team morale and lets us signal to each other that we’re going to continue to lift each other up and we’re going to continue to strive together."

Bonusly is here to stay

"91% of BigCommerce employees get recognized through Bonusly every month. That sustained participation tells me our employees continue to find Bonusly valuable."
Victoria Melcher, Manager, Culture & Engagement at BigCommerce
BigCommerce employees recognized each other 26K+ times in 2021.
89% of BigCommerce employees recognized monthly in 2021.
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