Manager Giving
Tracker: Recognize
with Confidence

This intuitive tool provides a clear overview of who you've recently recognized, highlighting team members who would benefit from an extra shout-out. By promoting balanced recognition, the tracker encourages you to celebrate every employee's contributions, fostering a positive and engaged team.

Team Insights:  Effortless Reviews

Bonusly's Team Activity Page offers complete visibility into your team's recognition data. Filter by time frame and export to a .csv file to make data-driven performance reviews a breeze. Evaluate all of your direct reports' contributions, not just the most recent ones.

"The Team Activity Page helps us understand the connection and values driving each team member, both within the team and towards the organization. It also helps gauge consistency of contributions and identify any team members who may need support."
- Bonusly Customer at a software solution company

Bookmarking: Save  Time, Reduce Bias

Looking for a tool to manage performance tracking effectively? Enter Bonusly Bookmarking. Save recognition for later review and attach private notes for vital context. When performance reviews roll around, revisit your bookmarks, saving time and reducing recency bias. All of your saved recognitions and notes are conveniently located on a central page, making performance review preparation easier than ever.

Awards: Motivate
& Incentivize
Your Team

Recognize and reward top performers with Bonusly Awards, inspiring everyone to reach their full potential. A few favorites from Bonusly customers include sales incentives and customer satisfaction awards! Use incentives to keep your team up-to-date with training and resources that enable growth.

If you're looking to achieve high levels of engagement, consistency across teams, and an exceptional ROI out of a total rewards platform Bonusly is a must-have.

David Gulley

Senior Director of People Operations and Compliance

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“Bonusly is a tool managers already know and love, so we’re just helping them level up the way they use it so we can help them achieve the goals that are already top of mind for them. We try to show them that Bonusly is a tool that will actually help them save time.”

Lauren Whitehouse

Employee Experience Manager

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"As a manager I use Bonusly for manager to employee communication and collaboration. If someone on my team has been working towards a big goal and they finish it, I will send them Bonusly bucks."

Lamar Nava

Director of Customer Success

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"Bonusly helped us increase cross-departmental recognition, which has had a major impact on collaboration throughout the company.”

Kate Ciechomski

PM Recognition & New Hire Success

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"Bonusly worked wonders for team morale during the fast growth and uncertainty of acquisition and the quick move to remote work during the pandemic."

Nicole Pigeon

Customer Support Services

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"We’ve seen a 15% increase in recognition sentiment in our employee engagement survey."

Gabi Tofani

Talent Management Lead

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"Bonusly Kept Us Together When We Couldn’t Be Together"

Luis Jimenez

People Engagement

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"Bonusly is core to our recognition program and a thoughtful way to connect the work of our employees to the value they deliver for our customers."

Becky Cantieri

Chief People Officer

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"Bonusly has been a GAME CHANGER. It's quickly become an essential part of our success in working as a distributed team and creating more visibility around small wins!"

Lindsey Kampmeier

VP of People & Culture

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