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5 Smart Ways to Use People Analytics Data (Plus Free Guide!)

Laura Saracho
November 2, 2022
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Analytics. It's why you were drawn to human resources and people ops, right?! 😜

Whether or not you're a data pro, it's important to remember that people analytics will enable better decision-making, ultimately helping you build a successful employee recognition program. It doesn't have to be incredibly complicated, either.

If your mind just went to complex Excel formulas and rows and rows of numbers, let's reel it back. You can start simple! Many companies are using employee engagement surveys to generate their own analytics; others use recruitment software to evaluate their hiring funnel. Another example is looking at recognition software activity to make sure the team is taking full advantage of the product.

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People analytics: 5 tips to start using today

Still, we know data can be intimidating, and many of us are unsure of where to start. That's why we hosted a webinar to ask the experts. During the event, we learned how to use the people data likely already at our fingertips to address employee burnout, employee engagement, turnover, and more. 

Here are the five tips covered during the event:

  1. First determine the problem, then analyze.
  2. Empower managers with data.
  3. Use data to guide inclusivity and belonging.
  4. Pair recognition with engagement data.
  5. Don't ask the question without taking action. 

👂 Listen in: 5 smart ways to use people analytics data virtual event

If you want details on the above tips without watching the full webinar (we get it), we compiled handy quotes and additional information into a short guide, which you can download for free. Happy data digging! 

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