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Quickly understand your team’s recognition trends with at-a-glance people analytics

Maja Orsic
November 19, 2019
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Tired: Managing data analytics while you’re managing your team. 😴

Wired: Leveraging people analytics in order to manage your team. ⚡️

With Bonusly’s Analytics Dashboard, you can quickly get an overview of your team’s recent recognition trends.

The five charts on Bonusly's Analytics Dashboard pull data from detailed Bonusly Analytics reports that you can click into to learn more. The Analytics Dashboard automatically surfaces data from the last 30 days to show what's most relevant to you and your team:

  • Who’s receiving recognition and how often
  • How they’re connected by recognition, and,
  • The types of work they’re recognizing

To help us demonstrate the utility of the charts on the Analytics Dashboard, let’s look at examples from Bonusly office dog Rosie and her team.


How many people on your team have received recognition in the past month? Research shows that 71% of highly-engaged employees work in organizations in which their peers are recognized at least once a month.

With the Participation chart, you can quickly see what percentage of your team members have received a bonus in the last 30 days. By hovering your mouse over any part of the chart, you can see the exact participation percentage for a given day.


Ninety-nine percent of Rosie’s team members have received a bonus in the last 30 days, a significant improvement over the 37% that had been recognized as of November 9. Since there are many factors that can contribute to fluctuations on this chart, including new hires, project launches, and vacations, Rosie monitors it frequently so she always has a sense of how recognized her team is.

If your team’s current participation rates aren’t where you want them to be, set a goal for yourself and loop your team members in on it! You can all reference your team’s Participation chart and hold each other accountable to reaching that goal and giving more recognition.

Organization Graph

Are the people on your team helping each other out? Is anyone on your team siloed? The Organization Graph on the Analytics Dashboard can help you visualize the connections between people on your team. The thicker the line, the stronger the connection!


The Organization Graph for Rosie’s team shows that everyone’s given or received a bonus to everyone else on the team—except for Blue, who's only recognition connection on the team is Woody. What's up with that?

Blue’s first day at the Bonusly Pack was earlier this week, and Rosie’s been so occupied with onboarding that she forgot to add on to Blue’s Welcome Bonus! 🙈 Not a problem: Rosie's can click on Blue’s avatar in the Organization Graph chart. She'll get redirected to his Profile page, where she can recognize him right away and then remind the rest of her team to do the same.

With just a glance at the Organization Graph, you can see how well the people on your team are connected by recognition. You can quickly tell if there’s someone on your team who hasn’t given a bonus to your newest hire yet, identify possible silos, and even check your own giving behavior for any imbalances that could be perceived as favoritism.

To learn more about the Organization Graph and what you can glean from it, check out our product blog post about the feature. And please note that the Organization Graph will only appear on the Analytics Dashboard if you have manager relationships set up in Bonusly.


The Recognition chart on the Analytics Dashboard shows how many bonuses your team has given and received in the last 30 days, as well as the company core values they’ve been recognized for most often.


According to her team’s Recognition chart, Rosie’s reports have been exhibiting equal parts #leadership, #respect, #communication, and #fun over the past 30 days. They’re all about balance!

Does your team consistently exhibit one core value more often than others? Are they giving more bonuses than they’re receiving? These are the kinds of questions you can answer with the data on the Recognition chart.


The Leaderboard chart on the Analytics Dashboard shows how many bonuses every team member has received in the last 30 days, ranked in descending order from most bonuses to least.


As we noted earlier, Blue only recently joined Rosie’s team, and not everyone has recognized him yet, so his low ranking on the Leaderboard chart reflects that.

Who’s received the most bonuses on your team? Who’s received the least? Bonus activity doesn’t necessarily equate to performance, but it can inform your management decisions. Take a pulse check on someone’s recognition history before a 1:1 meeting so you can ask how they feel about the quality and quantity of recognition they’re receiving.

If there’s someone whose bonus activity doesn’t match your perception of their performance, that can prompt you to have a deeper discussion with them.

Top Words

What’s your team been talking about the last 30 days? The Top Words chart on the Analytics Dashboard surfaces the most popular words and phrases from your team’s recent bonuses.


It should come as no surprise that Rosie’s team has had a lot of food-related recognition in the past 30 days. To be honest, they’re always talking about food. 😆

Some users print out their teams' Top Words charts to hang in their offices. Review yours on the Analytics Dashboard before team meetings so you can comment thoughtfully on what’s been recognized recently.

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Ready, set, check out your team’s Analytics Dashboard—then let us know what you think! Based on your feedback, we’re already planning to add date-picking functionality to the Dashboard. How else can we make the Analytics Dashboard more helpful for you?

If you're not a Bonusly customer and you'd like to learn more about the Analytics Dashboard, request a demo so we can show you around and you can ask all your burning questions about recognition and people analytics! 🔥😎

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Originally published on November 19, 2019 → Last updated December 11, 2021

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