Unlock Top Performing Teams: New Manager Giving Tracker

Vanessa Kahn
June 9, 2023
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What’s the key to engaging and retaining top talent? People managers. 🔑

Manager recognition drives your organization’s ability to build and retain high-performing teams; managers account for 70% of the differences in employee engagement across companies. If you want to unlock your whole team’s potential, you’ll need to make sure managers are equipped to recognize top talent consistently. Bonusly’s new Manager Giving Tracker serves as an appreciation barometer to nudge managers to appreciate each of their direct reports throughout the month. The new widget gives managers an at-a-glance view of which direct reports have been recognized for the month and indicates which team members might need an appreciation refuel. Once managers have recognized each of their direct reports for the month, they’ll be celebrated too. Cue the confetti! 🎉

What can the update do? 

  • Show which direct reports have and have not been recognized each month.
  • Help managers quickly recognize direct reports with a click of a mouse. 
  • Prioritize the next recognition to write by showing days since managers last recognized each report.

What can the update do for you

Manager recognition is equitable and easy with the new Manager Giving Tracker. Here’s how the new widget helps everyone feel recognized while keeping productivity on track! 

Save time meaningfully recognizing direct reports

Direct reports will go from zero to appreciated in seconds. Bonusly is placing the Manager Giving Tracker center stage on the homepage so managers get at-a-glance insights on who they should recognize next. Plus, managers can recognize their direct reports with a click of the mouse directly from the Manager Giving Tracker. 

Ensure everyone on the team feels recognized

Appreciation inequity on your team can create bad blood between your direct reports. Keep everyone feeling appreciated for their contributions and get an immediate indication of who’s been recognized this month and who still needs some appreciation. 

Keep engagement and productivity on track

Managers hold the key to team engagement and productivity levels. In a recent employee survey, 65% of respondents said they would work harder if their contributions were noticed by management. The new Manager Giving Tracker relieves pressure from managers manually keeping track of who they’ve recognized last, making equitable appreciation easy. 

Prioritize the mental health of your team

Turbocharge team wellness by prioritizing manager recognition. 69% of employees report that managers have the greatest impact on their overall mental health (equal to their spouse and more than a doctor or therapist). 

What’s next? 

Ready to champion your team with real-time recognition and see them shine? The Manager Giving Tracker is now available to all new and existing Bonusly customers. 🎉 If you’re new to Bonusly and want to see the Manager Giving Tracker in action, request a product demo.

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