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Streamline recognition for if-then tasks with Claimable Awards

Maja Orsic
June 20, 2019
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🎺🗣 It brings me great pleasure to introduce the third jewel in the Bonusly Awards crown, Claimable Awards! 👑 With this new feature, Bonusly Pro users can communicate that they’ve completed certain jobs—and provide the necessary details to help admins process their requests—all within a streamlined process on the platform.

If you’re a Bonusly Pro admin with a backlog of Manual Awards that you still need to issue, don’t fear! Claimable Awards are here!

You can create a range of Claimable Awards for specific if-then tasks, from emptying the dishwasher to getting flu shots, so that your users can initiate the award claim process as appropriate. Since your employees can proactively participate in the Claimable Awards process, you won’t have to keep track of their discrete accomplishments in email threads or Slack direct messages anymore.

In fact, many of the things you’re currently giving out Manual Awards for, like participation in Bike to Work Day 🚲 and completion of training sessions, are prime candidates for Claimable Awards. With customizable bonus reasons and amounts and a simple claim and review process, you can use Claimable Awards to streamline your administrative workload all while facilitating recognition for a wide range of workplace initiatives and standardizing how you deliver recognition for those contributions.

✨  In June 2020, we added a toggle option so you can opt to automatically approve all claims for an award!

As for your employees, they can easily view and request available Claimable Awards with just a few clicks via the navigation sidebar. During the claim process, users can opt to explain why they’re requesting an award and include relevant links to help admins quickly review and approve their claims. 

Here are a few Claimable Awards ideas you can use to buff up your company initiatives:

Necessary jobs and office duties

If you've noticed there's a gender disparity among those who perform thankless office tasks, use Claimable Awards to help your employees advocate for themselves.

Create an I Emptied the Dishwasher Award 🏅 so that the people who take time to empty your office’s dishwasher receive some public recognition and don’t have to hope someone noticed their effort.

What’s that smell? 👃💨 A Refrigerator Raider Award 🏅 could work wonders for how your office kitchen functions.

Wellness initiatives

When someone participates in Bike to Work Day, you can tell because they’ve got grease marks on their calves and a helmet on their desk. But depending on your company size or office setup, the grease test simply doesn't scale.

Simplify your recognition process for this event by creating a claimable Bike to Work Day Award 🏅. You don’t have to keep track of Slack or email threads anymore; anyone who claims this award can include a link to an image from their ride to show that they biked in.

By incentivizing behaviors that contribute to a strong workplace, you can help everyone be healthier and more productive. Was your company hit hard by the flu last winter? Create a Flu Shot Award 🏅 to encourage employees to get preventative vaccines when this year’s flu season rolls around.

Does your company run a step challenge? Set up a Claimable Award that your employees can request when they hit step milestones. Similarly, if you want employees to complete open enrollment, finish a safety training, or fill out a survey, make Claimable Awards for those tasks and then use the description to explain what employees need to do in order to claim them.

Try it for yourself

You can use Claimable Awards to encourage behaviors that are aligned with your company values and boost recognition whenever people complete the discrete and repeatable tasks that keep your workplace running so that everyone who participates feels appreciated.  

As you roll out Claimable Awards at your organization, don't forget to tell your employees so they know what’s up for grabs!

See how easy it is to create your own Claimable Awards and start streamlining your awards in Bonusly: 


Claimable Awards is a Bonusly Pro feature.

If you’d like more details about setting up Claimable Awards, check out our Help Center article about them. Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear about the Claimable Awards you set up for your organization.

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