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Employee Appreciation Day Celebration Kit

Laura Saracho
February 21, 2024
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HR teams, Employee Appreciation Day is March 1st! Have you made a plan for how to celebrate your teams? While we're the first to say that every day is employee appreciation day, that doesn't mean we should ignore the holiday either. If you're strapped for time or out of ideas, don't fret: we have compiled our top resources, activities, and reads on Employee Appreciation Day to make the most of this special event.

Celebration kit for Employee Appreciation Day

Here's the ultimate Employee Appreciation Day celebration kit to appreciate everyone on your team.

[Report] What Employees Want: More Appreciation At Work

We recently launched a study to understand what employees want most from their employer. Our poll included 2,000 employed or active job searchers from the last five years. We found many high level insights on how appreciation influences engagement and retention in the workplace.

[Activity] Employee Appreciation Day "EAD" Libs

Time to fill in the blanks! Send this activity to every employee on your team to fill out. This editable template makes it easy for everyone to get involved in sending notes of appreciation to peers. Bonus points if these also add extra laughter to the day.

[Questionnaire] Employee Gift Guide

Is gift giving your company love language? Then you've come to the right place! This employee gift guide questionnaire provides insights into individual preferences for recognition and gifting. It's the perfect tool for celebrating Employee Appreciation Day! With a simple template covering everything from favorite treats to music and books, it opens the door to creative, budget-friendly gestures that show employees they're truly valued.

[Cheat Sheet] 8 Remote Team-Building Activities to Book Today

Sometimes the best way to celebrate your employees is to get together for some team bonding. But in remote and hybrid work environments, that can be tough. To help, we created this guide of eight amazing remote team-building activities along with details you need to make planning your next virtual bonding event a breeze.

[Game] Gratitude at Work Bingo

Feeling extra grateful for your team on Employee Appreciation Day? Us too! Have everyone take this bingo card and fill it out over a certain period of time. Whoever gets bingo first could win a prize!

[Resource] Complete Manager's Guide to Employee Recognition

Managers play a critical role in ensuring teams feel seen, valued, and appreciated. This guide is a great resource for managers to ensure they are recognizing their teams in an effective way that will lead to a strong culture of high performance.

[Explainer] Recognition vs. Appreciation at Work, and Why You Need Both

News flash: recognition and appreciation are often used interchangeably, but they're actually quite different. The blog posts breaks down the differences and suggest ways to lean into both to create a workplace where everyone feels seen, supported, and engaged.

[Refresher] 6 Effective Recognition Examples

There's recognition, and then there's effective recognition. This blog post shares six unique examples of how to give meaningful recognition to your coworkers and peers.

Why Employee Appreciation Day matters

This year, Employee Appreciation Day is on March 1st, 2024. While the event only occurs one day out of the year, Employee Appreciation Day goes beyond mere gestures of gratitude. Rather, it is an important part of reaffirming everyone's unique contributions and value to your company—all year long. Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day not only boosts moral but also instills a sense of belonging and increases engagement. These attributes are the ticket to building a high-performing culture on your team.

Moreover, Employee Appreciation Day enables managers and leaders to express appreciation in meaningful ways—think: personalized notes, public recognition, and fun activity ideas. (See resources above!) The result? Employees feel valued and serve as motivation to continue performing at their best.

Ultimately, Employee Appreciation Day reminds organizations of the importance of recognizing and celebrating their most valuable asset—their employees. By investing in appreciation, companies unlock the potential of their workforce, enabling them to become high performers and drive business success.

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