Enhanced Custom Rewards: Build Culture and Keep Budgets in Check

Vanessa Kahn
December 20, 2023
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Work is better when it’s rewarding. Bonusly has made a smart and intuitive update to custom rewards functionality designed to maximize cost flexibility, company culture, and administrative ease. We've developed features that will save your company time and money, while increasing the impact of employee rewards.

Bonusly admins will delight in intuitive custom rewards templates, simplified editing options, and flexibility to create rewards with multiple denominations. Everyday users will appreciate the streamlined redemption process and exclusive reward options that celebrate their company's unique culture. What’s included in the update? We’re glad you asked…

What’s new with custom rewards? 

  • Ability to create custom rewards by type with intuitive templates
  • Streamlined reward fulfillment processes with additional report information 
  • Easily toggle exclusive custom rewards on and off based on seasonality or by availability
  • Flexibility to create rewards with multiple denominations 

What can the update do for you

With the custom rewards enhancements it’s easier than ever to meet your budget goals, customize employee experience, and highlight your culture.

Save time and money 

Quickly unlock the power of custom rewards with our intuitive templates designed for donations, experiences, and company swag central to your culture. In addition to saving you valuable time, custom rewards will help you keep rewards budgets in check by allowing employees to redeem points for joy-inducing items that cost you nothing. Create rewards that allow employees bring their dog to work, work from home, or use a reserved parking spot.

Support timely company programs

Make sure your custom rewards shine extra bright just like your company culture. ☀️ Customers can create timely rewards to support seasonal company activities such as holiday food drives, seasonal swag, wellness programs, and more! When the seasons change and you need to update your custom reward offerings, you can easily toggle timely rewards off

Rewarding for all

Ensure all of your employees feel rewarded by the Bonusly experience regardless of where they work. Tailor custom rewards to specific office locations to enhance the standard Bonusly catalog. You can have localized custom rewards options such as charities, restaurants, or experiences loved by regional employees.

Have fun with it

Bonusly customers love showing off their creativity through fun, unique rewards that are meaningful just to them. From homemade pies to team ski days, custom rewards can power a fun and unique culture of appreciation.

Ready to experience the impact of custom rewards? You can enjoy this webinar chock full of best practices for using the updates to custom rewards. Or, head over to our blog post, 15 Creative Custom Employee Reward Ideas + Best Practices for inspiration and best practices to create even more rewarding moments for your team. 🌟

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