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Your HR Checklist to Retain Top Talent

Laura Saracho
November 16, 2022
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Quiet quitting. The looming recession. The Great Reshuffle. 2022 was a year of constant change for employees, managers, and HR leaders. Employees are continuing to express that the old ways of working are no longer, well, working. Radical flexibility, competitive compensation and benefits, and learning and development opportunities are just some of the hot topics we continually heard throughout the year.👂

On the flip side, layoffs have risen as the U.S. economy slows. Company budgets are tightening. Ironically, job openings remain high; companies are still struggling to retain their top talent as the Great Resignation continues.

That’s why focusing on retaining top talent should be a clear HR goal for 2023. The cost of turnover is tremendous—it’s not an expense companies can afford right now. Plus, employees want to stay at organizations that address their needs and align with their values. As we approach a new year, what better time to start planning for a productive 2023 than right now? 🎉

Get your 2023 HR checklist

Here is a handy checklist to help you plan for a successful year ahead. The list emphasizes putting your employees first, so you can retain top talent and continue to build a workplace people love. Plus, it contains over 10 new Bonusly resources you can use for free today!

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