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Marmon Foodservice Technologies isn’t only creating state-of-the-art kitchen equipment; they’re on a mission to enhance the eating and drinking experience, nourishing the people and communities they serve.

For over a year, Marmon has been leveraging the power of Bonusly to address the unique challenges of being a global company. With a diverse portfolio of brands and products catering to high-end commercial kitchens worldwide, Marmon needed to establish a seamless and equitable recognition program for their global workforce. Bonusly emerged as the perfect solution, offering the means to create consistency and transparency while celebrating the stellar work of their employees across facilities and regions. 

We spoke with Marmon Foodservice Technologies’ Group Vice President of Human Resources, Jamelyn Cotton, to understand Bonusly’s impact on the individuals and teams bringing Marmon’s mission to life. 

Reducing turnover through employee engagement

Where did Marmon and Bonusly’s story begin? The Marmon people team first received feedback about a need for recognition in an annual employee survey. They took quick action on their employees’ feedback and implement Bonusly. Since implementing Bonusly, turnover rates have decreased by over 50%, and 97% of Marmon’s employees give or receive recognition each month!  

From manual to strategic 

Before Bonusly, Marmon’s recognition programs were geographically fragmented and manually administered, placing a significant burden on their HR teams. Since adopting Bonusly, Marmon’s HR partners spend less time on administrative tasks, enabling them to focus on strategic priorities. 

“Before we implemented Bonusly, we had distinct recognition programs across all of our geographies. And oftentimes, they were managed very manually amongst our human resources and HR business partners. Since we've implemented the Bonusly platform, our HR partners are spending less time on the administration and are really able to focus on more strategic priorities.” - Jamelyn Cotton, Group Vice President Human Resources, Marmon Foodservice Technologies

Enabling global recognition

As a global company with diverse linguistic needs, Bonusly stood out to Marmon for its ability to accommodate multiple languages. With employees across Asia Pacific, EMEA, and North America, Bonusly's multilingual capabilities have been essential in reinforcing company culture across different locations and languages.

“We have benefited from using Bonusly in a number of ways. We enjoy the ease of administering consistent and transparent recognition programs across all of our geographies, and really reinforcing the values that we espouse.” - Jamelyn Cotton, Group Vice President Human Resources, Marmon Foodservice Technologies

With help from Bonusly, Marmon has implemented a meaningful, sustainable, and scalable culture of appreciation that transcends borders and languages.

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