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Bonusly's New Features Maximize Connections and Minimize Effort

Vanessa Kahn
October 27, 2023
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Human connection is crucial for employees, and its influence on business results deserves our attention. Stronger human connections result in a fortified bottom line by improving productivity and increasing employees’ discretionary effort. Not to mention, the stronger employees’ connections at work, the more likely they are to stay at a company. 

That’s why Bonusly is releasing two new features that will help your organization strengthen connections and create a culture of appreciation, all while keeping costs and time spent minimal. Our new Connections Builder and Quick Thank You features help uncover opportunities for camaraderie across the organization. 

What the new features do

Quick Thank You

Quick thank you enables users to close the loop on recognition with ease. When users are recognized they will be promoted to seamlessly select an auto-generated thank you and edit the suggestion to their needs. With quick thank you, your organization can create a virtuous cycle of forming gratitude habits and increasing Bonusly participation, all while keeping costs the same. 

New quick thank you feature allows employees to close the loop on recognition.

Connections Builder

The new connections builder will be available on the homepage of every Bonusly user. Using powerful people analytics, the connections builder gives users visibility into the coworkers they’ve built relationships with to remind them to keep the recognition flowing. For users who are still building relationships with other teammates, there are opportunities to strengthen connections by recognizing coworkers they interact with less frequently. 

The New Connections Builder helps employees strengthen existing relationships and form new ones!

What the new features do for you

Increase participation without increasing costs or time spent

The average Bonusly user gives or receives recognition at least once per week. Quick thank you increases Bonusly participation, without increasing your budget. Employees get more interaction with their peers without spending a single point. The virtuous cycle is made easy with auto-generated thank you messages that allow users to send meaningful thank yous to their teammates in seconds.  


Break down silos and build a culture of appreciation

The average worker will spend over 82,000 hours at work throughout their career, so workplace connections can make work much more enjoyable and productive. The connections builder helps strengthen ties across the organization and simultaneously uncover new connection opportunities. Both Quick thank you and the connections builder will help your organization create recognition habits that will result in better cross team collaboration and a stronger culture of appreciation. 💪

The takeaway

If you’re a current Bonusly customer, we hope you’re excited about uncovering connection opportunities within your organization. If you’re new to Bonusly, and you’re ready to create connected, motivated, high-performing teams, set up a product demo today. 

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