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Nourishing Culture with Values-Based Recognition

Vanessa Kahn
January 22, 2024
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Feast & Fettle’s mission is to nourish everyday life, and they take pride in extending this mission to their company culture. As the Director of People Operations, Chris Smith makes sure employee experience is a top priority. Smith is responsible for ensuring that her team thrives in an industry not known for its supportive work environment. Feast & Fettle is a fully prepared meal delivery service aiming to avoid the pitfalls typical of the food service industry.

One key element to Feast & Fettle’s success in creating a supportive work culture has been their competitive benefits package and, particularly, their employee recognition and bonus infrastructure, powered by Bonusly. 

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“We've loved how Bonusly really allows our values to not just live on posters on the wall. All of our bonuses are tied via the company value hashtag feature to a specific value. It really helps bring those values to life and serves as a great example for newer team members of what being a really good steward of the Feast & Fettle culture looks like.” - Chris Smith, Director of People Operations, Feast & Fettle

Feast & Fettle is able to keep employee recognition front and center through Bonusly's integration with Slack. The live feed of Bonusly activity is seamlessly woven into their daily communication channels, making it an integral part of their community. By customizing hashtags aligned with their values, they've ensured that Bonusly reinforces the behaviors and actions they want to recognize in their team. 

Bonusly is more than a tool for Feast & Fettle; it's an essential component of their work culture. It drives collaboration, empowers their team members, and fosters a values-driven work experience. 

“Bonusly is absolutely essential to our team's engagement with their work at Feast & Fettle.The thought of removing Bonusly strikes fear in everyone's hearts because we're so deeply embedded with it.”
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