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Rechat Elevates Engagement and Culture with Bonusly

Vanessa Kahn
December 13, 2023
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Meet David Gulley, the Senior Director of People Operations and Compliance at Rechat, a forward-thinking real estate software company dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive work culture. Since March 2023, Rechat has been using Bonusly to boost employee engagement and create a remote workplace where every team member can thrive, no matter where they work.

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Trust is at the heart of Rechat’s positive culture and they needed a way to celebrate accomplishments that aligned with the core values that made Rechat a great place to work. 

“At Rechat, positive culture is built on a foundation of trust which aligns with the business's core values. Our mission is to create a workspace in which all team members can achieve their best. While having flexibility and autonomy, we aim to influence the team that reach out is a place of growth and embraces diversity and inclusion throughout the entire organization.”

Bonusly allowed everyone at Rechat to showcase achievements throughout the organization, fostering cohesion across the remote workforce. Since implementing Bonusly, engagement levels at Rechat have soared. Rechat has an average participation rate of 94%, meaning almost all of their employees either give or receive recognition each month. The average Rechat employee is recognized five times every month, which exceed’s Gallup’s best practice of at least one piece of recognition per week to promote engagement, productivity, and retention.

According to David, Bonusly's contribution to Rechat's total rewards program has been invaluable. David has witnessed firsthand the transformation Bonusly has brought to HR processes. Rechat appreciates Bonusly not only for its effectiveness but also for its user-friendliness. The platform's intuitive design and seamless integration with other systems, such as their HRIS, have made it a valuable addition to their tech stack.

David Gulley's resounding recommendation? Bonusly is a must-have for any organization aiming to achieve high levels of engagement, building a consistent program across teams and locations, and maximizing ROI in their total rewards program. Whether you're a people-first organization, seeking to elevate your team, or looking for a cost-effective solution, Bonusly delivers on all fronts.

“If you're looking to achieve high levels of engagement, consistency among the team, and an exceptional ROI out of a total rewards platform Bonusly is a must have.”

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