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Bonusly users surpass $2,000,000 in donations

Vanessa Kahn
January 25, 2023
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Bonusly has just passed a major milestone that's been years in the making! Employees at more than 3,000 companies around the world have collectively donated $2 million to charity through Bonusly's Reward Catalog. 🥳

Bonusly users regularly donate their Bonusly points to nonprofit organizations like, Habitat for Humanity, WWF, and Unicef through the Bonusly Reward Catalog. In 2022, Bonusly users donated over $742,515 to charity, nearly doubling the amount they gave to charity in 2021 ($463,855). Bonusly users’ favorite charities in 2022 were:

  1. International Rescue Committee (22% of all donations)
  2. Planned Parenthood (13% of all donations)
  3. WWF (6% of all donations)
  4. The Trevor Project (5% of all donations)
  5. Black Girls Code (5% of all donations)

“We know that workplace charitable giving cultivates a sense of purpose that has positive effects on employee morale, productivity, and retention. It also improves recruitment by demonstrating that a company lives its values and gives back to the community,” says Raphael Crawford-Marks, Founder and CEO of Bonusly. “Since Bonusly’s inception, we have partnered with charities all over the world to enable employees to contribute to causes that they believe in.”

You can find the full list of donations on the Bonusly donations page and if you'd like to offer additional donation reward options to your employees, you can use Bonusly's Custom Rewards to facilitate donations to charities of your choice. Your employees will no doubt appreciate your company for making it easy to support the causes that are important to them and the organizations that contribute to the communities where they live and work.

Building connections and camaraderie

“It’s incredible to see how Bonusly helps companies build a sense of camaraderie and community on a foundation of positive recognition,” says Amish Jani, Founder and Partner of FirstMark, a venture capital firm. Jani is an investor in Bonusly and technology companies like InVision, Pendo, Guru, Shopify, and "We use Bonusly at FirstMark and I’ve experienced firsthand how powerful it is to be able to give and receive recognition without friction."

"By responding in realtime to facilitate donations to causes that are on peoples’ minds," says Jani, "Bonusly provides companies and employees an outlet to give back together.

Bonusly the company uses Bonusly the product to give back, too! 

"We want to make sure we’re doing the right thing for our customers," says Vicki Yang, Vice President of People Ops at Bonusly. "Bonusly is committed to delighting customers and seeking and embracing diversity. Offering in-platform donation options is one way we live out these company values."

Bonusly-facilitated donations are one way that employers can live out their values, as well. 

The team at ITHAKA, the nonprofit behind educational and research platforms like JSTOR and ARTSTOR, is committed to delivering equity in access to education and knowledge.

As Nicholas Scarpa, ITHAKA's Director of Human Resources, explains, "our commitment to our organizational values of belonging, teamwork, trust, evidence, and speed is what motivates us to do our best work and show up as our best selves. Our daily use of Bonusly and the option to donate to other organizations in need gives us the opportunity to demonstrate not only our commitment to these values, but also to our DEI priorities and our organization’s mission."


What's good for employees is good for business

Research and real-world experience clearly indicate that empowering employees to take socially responsible action can motivate teams and promote retention. By facilitating opportunities for their employees to bond with each other over the positive impact they’re having on the world, business leaders can combat disengagement, burnout, and low morale.

“People want to work for companies that make an impact and one of the ways that Bonusly helps companies do that is by making it so easy to donate,” says Crawford-Marks.

Bonusly made in-platform donations possible but it’s the Bonusly community that made $2 million in charitable donations a reality. We're inspired by your continued generosity! 💚


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