Bonusly Appreciate

Celebrate Your People
with Meaningful Rewards

Bonusly Appreciate automates employee recognition and rewards to inspire a shift in company culture that boosts productivity and fosters happy employees.

Build a culture of appreciation


Employees engaged and passionate about their work result in higher retention, less turnover, and lower recruitment costs.


Streamlined employee recognition saves time for HR teams and inspires a fundamental shift in company culture.


The right mix of authentic recognition
and incentives delivered consistently
unifies teams globally.

The Bonusly 
Appreciate experience

Explore our recognition and rewards 
platform and learn why Bonusly is the G2 Leader in Recognition.

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Top-down recognition and rewards

Turnkey integrations

Productivity tools already in use, like Slack and Microsoft Teams, can connect seamlessly.

Real-time activity feed

Timely notifications enable quick responses to posts and highlight actions for follow-up.

Customizable rewards

Rewards can be tailored to the unique needs of your workforce for an equitable recognition program.

Fast onboarding

An intuitive dashboard makes setting up and managing your company program a breeze.

Mobile app

Convenient access to manage your program, like monitoring reward inventory and employee inquiries.

Affirmative incentives

A process to incentivize compliance and positive actions with minimal admin time.

"Since we've implemented Bonusly, our HR leaders are spending less time on the administration and are really able to focus on more strategic priorities."

Jamelyn Cotton

Group V.P. Human Resources

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Have questions?

What is the ideal company size to get the most value out of Appreciate?

Companies of any size can benefit from Appreciate. Bonusly can be customized to your unique environment. If you’re concerned about adoption or budget, Bonusly Appreciate is a great place to start. Once your teams are fully on board, then you can take the next step to Bonusly Connect.

What are the differences between Bonusly Appreciate and Bonusly Connect?

Bonusly Appreciate is an automated platform to recognize and reward your employees. Bonusly Connect extends the same platform to peer-to-peer recognition.

What are the most popular rewards among employees?

It varies between organizations and the company culture. Some employees prefer to spend their rewards on charitable donations, while others are interested in internal perks like extra vacation days or lunch with the CEO. And, of course, everyone loves gift cards!

The analytics in Bonusly will show you the most popular rewards for your organization so you can further customize the rewards you offer.

Ready to build a culture of appreciation?