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"In the six months since adopting Bonusly, our eNPS score jumped from 72.2 to 82.1."

Daniel McAdams

The challenge

Daniel McAdams cofounded Andiamo, a modern technology recruiting firm, more than 18 years ago. In the wake of rapid growth and change—Andiamo doubled in size and went fully remote between 2021 and 2022—Daniel quickly realized he needed a scalable and streamlined solution to manage employee rewards.

In Daniel's words, the Bonusly platform "checked all the boxes for automating points and rewards, and it had a feature I hadn't considered: peer recognition."


The solution

"I used to spend up to five hours a week managing points and rewards manually," Daniel says. "Today, I spend next to no time on the process, apart from the time I spend recognizing others myself. Bonusly has lifted an enormous burden from my shoulders."

Daniel remarks that he was surprised at how quickly people took to Bonusly: "There were a couple of people on the management team who were unsure about Bonusly. Would people think it was cheesy or inauthentic? That's never been the case. It's lighthearted, but it's not frivolous."

"Technology recruiting is extremely challenging work," Daniel says. "Most of the time, you don't win. In this kind of climate, it's important to be surrounded by colleagues you trust who are always looking for those silver linings.

"Bonusly helps people find those positive angles. We have fostered an environment where there's always an opportunity to learn, and even when people don't win, they're rewarded and recognized for their efforts."

Andiamo: Bonusly implemented and launched company-wide in just 3 weeks.
90% of Andiamo employees gave/received monthly Bonusly recognition in 2022.
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