9 Reasons Bonusly Beats Competition in Employee Recognition

Vanessa Kahn
February 28, 2023
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When selecting a new tool for your team, how do you wade through claims of being “the best'' to find the truth? At Bonusly, we believe in defaulting to transparency, so we're sharing an overview of Bonusly’s greatest strengths according to data and the experience of our 3,250+ customers. 

Here are the top nine reasons Bonusly is the number one rewards and recognition software. 

Number 1: We’ll deliver ROI on your investment

The cost of a meaningful recognition program pales in comparison to the cost of disengaged employees. Gallup found that disengaged employees are costing companies worldwide $7.8 billion dollars. Investing in effective and consistent recognition and rewards has a powerful impact on employee engagement, productivity, and retention, ultimately paying dividends on your investment.

Here's some cold hard stats: 

  • The average Bonusly admin spends less than 1.5 hours each month managing their employee recognition and rewards program compared to the dozens of hours required to administer manual programs. Imagine what HR admins can accomplish (and the vacations they can take) with all that free time! ✅ 🌴
  • We have helped some customers save up to one million dollars on their employee gifting budget. How? Bonusly helps consolidate employee gifting spend into a centralized budget, allowing HR admins and finance teams to visualize, predict, and save on incentives. 
  • 78% of customers see a noticeable improvement in employee engagement after implementing Bonusly. Employee engagement is proven to reduce turnover and increase productivity resulting in invaluable savings for Bonusly customers. We can almost hear the CFOs rejoicing! 
  • Bonusly has the most powerful people analytics in the industry, helping our customers outperform their competition using reliable and actionable data. Spoiler alert: data-driven companies experience better financial results, outperforming their competitors by 20%. More on that later! 

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Number 2: We’re leaders in employee recognition and engagement

Only one rewards and recognition software can be number one and Bonusly customers have spoken. Bonusly has received the top spot for employee recognition software from G2 for six consecutive seasons. With 4.8 ★★★★★ average social reviews across all platforms, customers highlight Bonusly’s integrations, reward catalog, analytics, usability, company value hashtags, and more in 4,000+ G2 reviews. Take it from John C, a sales compensation manager at an enterprise company:

"Our annual survey from last year reflected low scores for Employee Recognition, but those scores increased significantly after implementing the Bonusly platform.”

Number 3: We’re proven 

In a survey of 500+ customers, over two thirds reported improvements in employee engagement, recognition frequency and visibility, morale, and connection with core values after implementing Bonusly. Some customers even saw up to 10 point increases in eNPS scores thanks to Bonusly! 

"In the six months since adopting Bonusly, our eNPS score jumped from 72.2 to 82.1." - Daniel McAdams, President at Andiamo

Many Bonusly customers come to us on a mission to retain top talent. When done right, employee recognition and rewards can have a powerful impact on retention, especially in high-turnover industries like medical and veterinary. Pender Veterinary started using Bonusly to decrease burnout and nurture workplace culture. With the help of Bonusly, Pender Vet went against the industry odds and experienced their highest-ever retention rate!

Number 4: We’re people-analytics focused

Bonusly believes an organization’s most valuable asset is its people. However, companies need reliable data to understand and get the most out of their people. Bonusly has the most advanced analytics in the industry and we’re laser focused on helping our customers understand their people through clear and actionable insights. A recent study by the Harvard Business School found that data-driven companies experience better financial results, outperforming their competitors by 20%. That’s why the price of not investing in robust people analytics is costing many organizations more money than the investment itself. 

In addition to offering the most advanced people analytics in the industry, Bonusly’s dedicated customer success team presents quarterly business reviews to customers to help them understand how to make important data-driven decisions and ultimately achieve their business goals. Our customers at Headspace Health are incredibly data-driven and use Bonusly’s analytics to report on employee engagement and how connected employees are with their company culture. 

Number 5: We’re experts

Bonusly established the rewards and recognition market by developing the first-ever employee recognition software. Launched in 2013, Bonusly is now beloved by 3,250+ customers. Prominent companies including ZipRecruiter, Chobani, and Hulu trust Bonusly to support their employee engagement and company culture.  

After ten years of industry experience, Bonusly leads the way in program participation, implementation, and customer satisfaction. The average Bonusly user gives or receives recognition two times every week resulting in an 87% sustained monthly participation rate across all customers. 83% of Bonusly customers were able to start using Bonusly within a month of purchasing. Bonusly customer Andiamo needed just three weeks to implement Bonusly and launch the program to the whole company. 

Number 6: We’re secure

Security is table stakes for any software, yet many of Bonusly’s competitors aren’t prioritizing customer security. At Bonusly, security is built into our systems, processes, and culture. We understand organizations trust us with their data and we take the responsibility of securing it extremely seriously. We offer world-class security including SOC2 certification and full GDPR compliance so HR admins can rest assured their data is safe. 

Number 7: We’re integrated with Slack, Microsoft Teams & top HRIS programs 

Bonusly works with, not against, the tools our customers already know and love. Bonusly connects seamlessly with over 50 HRIS, single sign on, and collaboration tools. Bonusly provides clients with highly-rated chat integrations (Slack, Teams, Google Hangouts, etc) and mobile apps (Apple and Android) to ensure we meet Bonusly users wherever they are working day-to-day. Integrating with collaboration tools can have a positive impact on employee adoption. We found that three out of four of our customers integrate with chat tools, increasing participation up to 10% higher than average. 

"With Bonusly front and center in Ordermark's Slack workspace, employees send nearly half (43%) of all recognition through Bonusly's Slack app. Having Bonusly in Slack makes recognition visible to everyone throughout the whole work day. It’s constantly being utilized to showcase how people are making an impact — large or small." - Lindsey Kampmeier, VP of People & Culture, Ordermark

Number 8: We’re global 

Bonusly serves a global customer base across 80+ countries and for good reason. Bonusly offers a global digital rewards catalog where users can choose from dozens of vendors and charitable organizations and shop for rewards with no points-breakage, fees or markups. 35% of Bonusly customers use the platform to connect teams in multiple countries. To support our global customers, Bonusly has recently expanded our global rewards in 200+ countries. 

Number 9: We’re partners

Bonusly’s customer success team is there to support our customers throughout their entire journey with Bonusly, from implementation to Friday afternoon questions. Bonusly’s customer success partnership ensures all Bonusly users have successful and active recognition programs - as supported by our exceptional customer retention rate. Our customer success team is dedicated to building valuable relationships with our customers and providing efficient solutions.

Bonusly has a robust learning center to help ensure program adoption rates start high and stay high. Our team has helped shepherd customers through times of change. Bonusly provided consistency and morale support to our customers at Jellyfish as they scaled from 250 to 2,000 employees. Beyond scaling, Bonusly has seen many customers through exciting, but challenging, mergers and acquisitions. Bonusly served as a common thread for Integris employees as they successfully merged twelve companies and cultures. 

“Seeing recognition spill out across regions and teams is a strong indication that we're building a unified culture and breaking out of our initial post-merger silos." - Bill McCharen, Chief People Officer, Integris

We’re ready to talk when you are

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