Employee engagement

Tools and Resources for Employee Engagement

Connie Du
May 20, 2020
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This is the fourth chapter in our series about employee engagement! Get ahead of the game by downloading the whole guide here

Employee engagement doesn't necessarily need to be a manual process–there are plenty of products and tools out there that can take on the heavy lifting for you.

Communication and collaboration

Communication tools also play a major role in shaping culture, providing transparency, and engaging employees, especially in growing and more dispersed companies. From a business standpoint, we recommend looking for technology that also supports productivity and innovation:

  • Slack is a popular platform intended to be a single place for messaging, tools, and files
  • Google Hangouts Chat offers secure direct messaging and group conversations
  • Microsoft Teams is another platform that puts chat, files, and conference calls in one place

By the way, these communication tools, and others, integrate with Bonusly, our industry-leading recognition platform. That means you can communicate and recognize openly. Two birds, one stone. 😉

Measurement and analytics

Our number #1 tip in Chapter 3 is to measure your engagement! Your employee engagement surveys will provide the insights you need to build a great company culture, and there are many tools you can use to facilitate the process.

  • SurveyMonkey is a popular survey tool with a lot of functionality packed into their free plan
  • Typeform is a survey platform that also integrates with integrates with over 500 apps
  • Officevibe is a user-friendly employee engagement solution with a focus on insights direct to managers
  • Culture Amp makes it easy to collect and understand employee engagement data, including turnover forecasts powered by machine learning

Professional development and performance management

Opportunities for growth and development make a major impact on employee engagement. As we adapt to the way that employees need and want to learn, we are seeing more self-directed, on-demand, and bite-sized options.

If you are considering or already have a core HR system, it may offer a learning management system (LMS). These do:

You could add to the LMS–or offer on its own–online learning like the following massive open online course (MOOC) platforms:

Another option is Small Improvements. Their focus on continuous feedback–through objectives, 1:1s, reviews–is designed for small to medium companies.

For a more thorough guide with tips and considerations, check out How to Provide the Best Professional Development Opportunities for Your Team or The Guide to Modern Employee Performance Management.


wellness program can encompass efforts to build awareness, education, and access to tools that empower employees to manage their own well-being.

If you already have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), then you may start by communicating and encouraging employees to take advantage of the EAP coaching and healthcare professionals.

You may also consider mindfulness tools like the meditation app, Headspace, to support stress management and focus. Their research found that just four sessions reduced burnout by 14%. Fitbit also has a program for employers, offering subsidized ownership of a Fitbit device and internal company competitions and rewards.


This is our favorite subject! We're Bonusly, the industry-leading recognition and rewards platform. 😜👋

In our expert opinion, when choosing a tool for employee recognition, look for a platform that:

  • Embeds into existing workflows
  • Provides rewards
  • Collects data to shares people analytics
  • Scales easily

Bonusly has all of these, and more. 👋

When it comes to having a fun and easy way to engage all your employees, Bonusly empowers your employees to show their appreciation for each other, build stronger working relationships, and feel a greater sense of belonging.

Bonusly also has a Dashboard feature that can help integrate recognition in the day-to-day to improve engagement and retention. If you have a screen set up in a main area like a lunch room or reception, it brings employee pride and belonging into the public sphere.

Implementing a recognition program is a great first step in building an engaging, people-first company culture. Join us for a demo to make an immediate impact on your employee engagement goals! 🎉

Ready for what's next? Cool. Let's talk about concrete employee engagement ideas and examples.

Looking for an easy solution to increase employee engagement. How about checking out Bonusly’s employee engagement platform? Join us for a demo to learn more about how you can start building a highly engaged organizational culture.

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