Bonusly and G2: A Leader in Employee Recognition and Engagement

Laura Saracho
March 29, 2024
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Bonusly is known for being a leader in G2, with #1 overall and top rankings in Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Implementation, Onboarding, and more. This post shares highlights from these review sites so you can learn how Bonusly is a must-have for your organization. 😎

G2 Spring 2024 Report—#1 in employee recognition

G2 has recognized Bonusly as the leader in the Employee Recognition category for the 9th consecutive season!

We’ve been working hard since 2013—yes, we were the first recognition and rewards solution to enter the market—to help companies amplify daily wins and foster authentic connections.

Why do we care so much? Because companies that prioritize effective recognition are more successful and their employees are more fulfilled. Meaningful employee recognition enables high-performance and improves company culture, while saving time for everyone across the organization. We call that a huge win.

But don’t take it from us. Hear from some of our amazing customers:

 “Employee recognition is something every company talks about; but doing it in a way that makes it easy and available to all employees can be really hard. Bonusly has allowed every employee at Headspace to feel empowered and energized to recognize their peers and allow others to share that recognition. During these times of remote work and the global pandemic, the Bonusly platform has shown to be an invaluable asset."
- Rick Jensen, Chief People and Places Officer, Headspace
"I wish I invented Bonusly. Seriously. This is the best way to give peer recognition and immediate positive reinforcement across an organization and within a team. It's so much more effective than yearly/quarterly 360 reviews.” - Tim Myer, VP of Engineering,
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G2 reviews of Bonusly

Here are some recent reviews from G2. You can take a look at all 3,100+ reviews on G2, too.

I really like that it encourages us to give kudos to people within the workplace that really make an impact. Whether it's simply helping me with something, or jumping in to help a whole team, we can reward those that do a lot for our company. Everyone's been participating, and it's fun to see all the ways that people help others in our organization. I never would've known who was behind some solutions without Bonusly.
-Dillon S
It's one of the best user-friendly platforms out there to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of my team. I truly feel that it has enhanced the camaraderie and is helping a lot fostering a positive work environment. I also like the feature of having it linked to Slack as it allows my peers to be aware of who has been awarded some extra points exactly at the moment it happens.
-Daniel L
Bonusly is a game-changer for employee engagement. With an intuitive interface, personalized recognition, flexible rewards, real-time analytics, and seamless integration, it fosters a positive workplace culture. It's not just a tool; it's an indispensable asset in cultivating a motivated and engaged workforce.
-Elliot T

Where Bonusly leads in employee engagement

Bonusly is consistently a leader in G2’s Employee Engagement category. In fact, Bonusly was recently named a best employee engagement software by U.S. News.

Why does this matter? Companies with highly engaged teams outperform their competitors by 147%; moreover, engaged companies are 23% more profitable. On the flip side, low-engagement teams experience turnover rates that are 18% to 43% higher than highly engaged teams.

--> Want to see what employee turnover is costing you? Use our free cost of turnover calculator to find out

Effective recognition directly impacts employee engagement, and nearly 80% of our customers recently shared that using Bonusly improved employee engagement on their teams.

employee engagement bonusly

Said another way: investing in your employees is an investment in business success. 

"In the six months since adopting Bonusly, our eNPS score jumped from 72.2 to 82.1." - Daniel McAdams, President, Andiamo

Bonusly is strong in implementation and usability

Best-in-class employee engagement solutions are intuitive and easy to use, and automate time-intensive processes—reducing admin overhead and saving significant hours each week. 

Bonusly is easy to use and accessible to all users. This matters. Our goal is to make recognition a habit on teams, and this can’t be possible if Bonusly is not an intuitive and inclusive solution for everyone. 

Our recent customer survey revealed that the average company using Bonusly is up and running within one month, and the average Bonusly admin spends less than 1.5 per month administering Bonusly! Best yet, users who switched to Bonusly from a manual recognition solution decreased time spent administering recognition and rewards by 36%.  

"I used to spend up to five hours a week managing points and rewards manually. Today, I spend next to no time on the process, apart from the time I spend recognizing others myself. Bonusly has lifted an enormous burden from my shoulders." - Daniel McAdams, president at Andiamo
admin time using Bonusly

A note of gratitude to our customers 

We are grateful for every Bonusly customer who’s taken the time to share their experience on G2. Writing a review takes time and effort and we appreciate each and every person who writes one. Check out our 3,100+ reviews! If you're a Bonusly customer who hasn't written a G2 review, this is a sign that it might be time! You can write a review here.

We’re continuously releasing new and exciting updates, and would love for you to discover how Bonusly can help your team. Request a free and fast demo of Bonusly with a Bonusly specialist today. 

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