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Connecting remote teams with Bonusly and Slack

Maja Orsic
April 7, 2020
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Distributed, remote, and international teams of all sizes credit Slack with their ability to communicate clearly and act quickly.

With distinct channels for discussion and problem solving and plenty of avenues for people to connect with their teammates over personal and professional topics, Slack efficiently centralizes and organizes internal communications. 

Part of what makes Slack so easy to use is how it integrates with other tools to automate and streamline workflows. If you're looking for ways to connect your remote teams or encourage peer-to-peer recognition company-wide, find out why Slack calls Bonusly one of the most effective remote working tools.

Reader, if your organization already uses Slack and Bonusly but you’re not using them together, add Bonusly to Slack for free right now. Trust me!

As we reported in our 2019 product review, nearly half (48%) of Bonusly users access Bonusly via Slack. 

Bonusly’s Slack app makes it quick and easy for everyone in your organization to give and see recognition no matter where or how they work. That convenience is impactful: Bonusly customers that use Bonusly’s Slack app see 6-10% more participation than those that don’t use a chat integration. 🤯 

Bonusly's Slack app Home tab


You might already have a #thanks or #kudos Slack channel where people can recognize their colleagues. That's an excellent place to start, but if you're not supplementing written shout-outs with a formal engagement solution like Bonusly, you're missing out on the broader impact that recognition can have. 

For your employees, meaningful recognition that leads to tangible outcomes will encourage them to participation regularly in your recognition program. For your People Ops and HR teams, streamlining how you manage and measure your recognition program will save you time, improve employee participation in workplace initiatives, and provide you with valuable people analytics data on collaboration and performance. All of this in the name of connecting your team! 

With Bonusly’s Slack app, which we redesigned in April 2020 to make the bonus giving experience more delightful and GIF-ful, your employees can:

Add GIFs to bonuses directly in Slack

In addition to fueling participation with your employee recognition program, integrating Bonusly with Slack increases the visibility of great work, builds positive connections between coworkers, and helps your team (distributed or not) be more productive and focused.

Keep reading to learn more and to find out what a few Bonusly customers like most about integrating Bonusly with Slack.

Increase the visibility of great work

It can be challenging to keep tabs on the work that’s happening in different departments, especially for distributed teams, if people can't casually get updates from other teams. By adding Bonusly to Slack, you can make recognition of great work visible to everyone in your organization.

“[T]here’s always a steady stream of visible recognition in Slack that helps people see how their individual efforts help us meet our mission during ongoing change,” says Keira Torkko, VP of Employee Experience at Assent Compliance, a 500-person SaaS company based in Ottawa, Canada, with teams around the world.

Give bonuses in Slack using a helpful modal

In this sense, recognition serves multiple functions, helping people feel appreciated for their contributions while also letting everyone know what their teammates are up to and learn who's collaborating across departments.

"We added the integration with Slack right off the bat," says Courtney Branson, Director of People and Culture at SquareRoot, a tech company of 50 or so employees headquartered in Austin, Texas. "Being able to see in real time what folks are working on [helps] us all get a better sense of what's happening in the company and the nuances in each individual's role."

By increasing the visibility of recognition, Bonusly's Slack app can help everyone in your organization stay aligned with your goals.

Build positive connections between team members

Written communication in Slack is often neutral at best, an exchange of facts and opinions more than anything else. Bonusly facilitates recognition that's explicitly positive, so when you integrate Bonusly with Slack, your team will see a constant stream of recognition as they go about their day. 

Get notified in a designated Slack channel when you and your colleagues earn Bonusly achievements

TINYpulse's Employee Engagement and Organizational Culture Report found that 58% of the happiest employees will recognize and encourage their peers' success when they're given the right tools. With Bonusly's Slack app, giving recognition is just a /give command away.

Bonusly's new Slack app Home tab

By encouraging people to give recognition using Bonusly and facilitating the behavior via Slack, you can promote transparency and build trust, improving employee morale and helping remote workers feel more connected to each other.

Help your team be more productive and feel focused

Because Slack is where teams work and communicate, it’s the place where recognition should happen, too! By integrating Bonusly with Slack, you can limit context switching so that recognition happens in the context of your team’s workflow, not parallel to it.

Reducing context switching helps people be more productive and feel focused. With Bonusly's Slack app, your recognition program can meet your employees where they are, fitting in with their existing workflows so that giving recognition becomes an easy daily activity.

Fuel participation in your recognition program

The numbers don't lie: Bonusly customers who’ve integrated Bonusly with Slack see higher 10 to 36% more participation in recognition.

“Of all the SlackHQ integrations we’ve tried, the one that survived and is still very actively used today is Bonusly,” says Max Lynch, co-founder and CEO of Ionic Framework, an American SaaS company with a distributed team of 50 or so people.

In addition to improving participation, Bonusly's Slack app can power your program launch! Keira Torkko, VP of Employee Experience at Assent Compliance, says that integrating Bonusly with Slack drove rapid adoption of the platform:

“We were already using Slack as a communication and collaboration tool internally, so the Bonusly integration helped make company-wide adoption that much easier. Now Assentees are able to see when their colleagues receive bonuses for exhibiting our core values and contributing to our corporate objectives since they’re already active on Slack.” 

Securing initial buy-in for and ongoing participation in your employee recognition program are similar challenges; with Bonusly's Slack app, you can accomplish both! 

Connecting distributed teams

Whether you're in the same building as your coworkers or thousands of miles apart, you can use Bonusly's Slack app to make sure that everyone feels connected to each other, aligned to your mission, and appreciated for their work.

Don't use Bonusly yet? See how we can engage your team by requesting a demo:

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