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Automate Bonusly user management by integrating with BambooHR

Elisse Lockhart
August 17, 2021
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Bonusly offers impactful employee recognition and rewards without requiring constant hands-on administration.

To further reduce the administrative overhead of your Bonusly program, we recommend automating user management by integrating with your HRIS or HRMS provider. Bonusly's BambooHR integration is quick to set up and it includes a few settings you can activate or deactivate depending on your needs!

One-way data syncing saves times and reduces errors

When your Bonusly account is connected to your BambooHR account, any updates made to employee data in BambooHR will automatically map to their Bonusly user data.

Instead of manually adding, editing, and removing sensitive employee information in multiple systems, you can activate Bonusly's BambooHR integration and sync your employee data from BambooHR to Bonusly every night. (If there's a time-sensitive change, you can also manually prompt BambooHR to sync with Bonusly.)

The BambooHR + Bonusly integration will save you time and hassle as your company grows and changes, helping you stay organized and on top of account provisioning if you onboard and offboard employees in cohorts. Plus, BambooHR securely sends your employees' hire dates and birth dates to Bonusly so you can automate birthday and work anniversary celebrations!


Bonusly + BambooHR: "It's just kind of a no-brainer"

Classy Llama, a full-service eCommerce agency with around 70 employees, uses the BambooHR integration to reduce hands-on administration and continue to run a successful recognition and rewards program.

Greg Johnson, who covers a wide range of HR functions at Classy Llama, described the Bonusly integration with BambooHR as a no-brainer:

It’s just kind of a no-brainer. Instead of having to put an employee’s information into BambooHR and remember to put all that same information into Bonusly, now we only have one spot where we have to put in or take out all of the [employee] information at once.
- Greg Johnson, Classy Llama


If something changes with the employee, Greg points out, whether they find a different job or they’re let go, duplicating that offboarding work across multiple platforms "is just really annoying."

Greg shared several helpful stories about the value of automating admin processes at a virtual event Bonusly co-hosted with BambooHR. Check out the video recording to see Bonusly's BambooHR integration in action and hear more from Greg! 👇

Illustration of gold trophies on a conveyor belt with the BambooHR and Bonusly logos above it and the words "Automate Your Way to a Stellar Employee Recognition and Rewards Program," which is the title of the webinar recording that this link points to

The presentation is full of fun insights like this one: 

The whole idea of empowering people is an amazing function of Bonusly. That’s one of the huge reasons we love it is just having that culture of empowerment and giving those ‘atta boys’ in the moment instead of waiting a year for an annual review.
- Greg Johnson, Classy Llama


Looking for additional information?

For more details about the Bonusly + BambooHR integration, check out  Bonusly's Help Center and the BambooHR Marketplace

From HRIS to SSO, Bonusly fits nicely into your company's tech stack! 🥞 Our integrations bring recognition into your employees' existing workflows (read: Slack and Microsoft Teams) and connect Bonusly with the tools you and your team use every day.

If you want to learn more about Bonusly and the impact it can have on employee engagement at your organization, request a demo!

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