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Employee Engagement Conversations: Bonusly Webinars

Laura Saracho
March 20, 2023
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We host a lot of awesome conversations with HR leaders and other experts in the employee engagement space. Check out these webinar recordings below—and make sure to see what's on tap and register for upcoming events! 🍻

Upcoming webinars

Maximizing Potential: A Guide to Supporting High Performers

In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, having high performers on your team can be a game-changer. These individuals are typically very productive, motivated, and committed, driving a significant proportion of an organization's success. However, it can be a challenge to understand how to best support and retain these top talents to maximize their contributions.

In this webinar with our colleagues at Bravely, we'll talk about how to understand the needs and motivations of your top performers, so they stay engaged and continue performing at their peak.

Webinar recordings

The Role of the employee experience in an uncertain economy

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  • With the current state of the economy and seemingly endless organizational changes across some of the largest names in tech, employees are on edge. What is our best tool against low morale, burnout, and disengagement? An exceptional employee experience. Building an employee experience and culture that gives your employees something to believe in is non-negotiable today. 

Managing Stress & Maximizing Resilience in Teams

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  • The turbulent changes of the past few years have not subsided. Employees are continuing to face uncertainty, company reorgs, and shifting expectations, leading many to feel stress and, ultimately, burnout. Yet managing stress and instilling resilience in the team begins with good leadership. Leaders and managers can make an impact by modeling a healthy work-life balance, promoting a culture of well-being, and fostering open communication to increase resilience.

Understanding How Managers and Leaders Build Resilience on Teams

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  • Resilience is often considered an individual virtue—and it’s certainly something people can develop themselves, but cultures and organizations also contribute significantly to the ability of the people within them to be resilient. Teams themselves can build resilience as well, ensuring that the department or group as a whole can adapt to any challenge. In this on-demand webinar, we talk about the key characteristics of a resilient team and the vital role that psychological safety plays in building resilient teams. During this conversation we talk about how building a culture of recognition contributes to psychological safety by fostering a workplace where employees feel safe, supported, and ready for any challenge or crisis.

How Individuals Build Resilience in the Workplace

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  • Organizations need resilient employees, but how can employees build resilience in times of uncertainty and discomfort? During this webinar, Bonusly will team up with customer Lamar Nava of Betts Recruiting, to explore the ways organizations can help empower their employees to be more resilient, by providing a sense of purpose, progress and belonging at work. The discussion will include real-life examples and tangible solutions for organizations and people leaders who want to help their teams become more resilient.

Building Resilience in Uncertainty: Top Tips for HR Leaders

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  • As we plan for another unpredictable year, a focus on employee resilience can offer HR teams a controllable variable in an uncontrollable world. This webinar in partnership with Bennie explores the ways that HR and People Ops leaders can build more resilient teams in 2023.

Understanding the Business Case of Resilience at Work

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  • We discuss the business case of building resiliency at work: why do resilient teams matter? What are the impacts of not having a resilient team, especially in our current economic landscape?

Management Training 101: The Key to Building Stronger, More Engaged Teams in 2023

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  • In this webinar, leaders from Pilot and Bonusly will discuss why manager training should be a key 2023 strategy for HR professionals and how strong leaders build strong, resilient teams. Attendees will also leave with resources and ideas for how to get started with management training in their own organizations.

What to Expect in 2023: Data-Driven HR Predictions

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  • Leaders from Checkr, Lever, and Bonusly reflect on 2022, share our predictions for 2023, and offer tips to prepare now for the future of work.

People Managers: HR’s Most Important Partner in the Fight Against Turnover

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  • Bonusly leaders discuss the importance of cooperation between HR leaders and people managers in order to identify and combat unnecessary employee turnover, and how that partnership can improve your employees’ overall experience.

Answering the Most-Asked HR Questions for 2023

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  • HR leaders from Bonusly, Oyster, and Knoetic answer questions that human resources and people operations professionals are asking the most going into 2023.

Build a Purpose-Led Employee Engagement Strategy for 2023

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  • In this webinar recording, speakers from Bonusly and Goodera discuss how to put purpose at the forefront of their 2023 plans so you can start the year off with an engaged team.

The Cost of Disengagement: Useful Insights for HR Leaders

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  • Today’s human resources professionals are tasked with reversing disengagement in their workplaces through initiatives like improved workplace transparency, learning and development opportunities, and meaningful appreciation and recognition programs. In this recording, Bonusly HR experts discuss why employee engagement programs are not only worth your investment but essential for connecting to and retaining top talent.

How to Show Gratitude that will Make your Employees Feel Truly Valued

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  • This Q&A style webinar discusses the benefits of expressing gratitude in the workplace, including increased motivation, performance, and retention. We’ll share useful insights and unique ideas for expressing gratitude in a meaningful, intentional way that will ensure your team feels valued and appreciated all year long.

Top Tips for Building and Maintaining Connections in a Virtual World

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  • In the conversation, we’ll touch on the signs and symptoms of decreasing employee engagement and how the trend toward hybrid and fully remote work environments might contribute to employee disengagement. We’ll address the new challenge companies face in balancing the flexibility that employees have grown accustomed to while working from home, and the personal connection they’re missing from IRL relationships with managers and peers.

Quiet Quitting: How to Reengage Your Employees

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  • Join us to hear from experts in employee experience and retention from Guru, Bravely, and Bonusly about how to recognize quiet quitting, respond to it, and reverse the trend at your company.

Worry less about quiet quitting and more about actual quitting: Strategies to engage your team

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  • This interactive webinar covers what we think quiet quitting really is, and its impact both on employees and employers. We’ll also share useful strategies for managers and people ops teams who are looking for ways to re-engage their teams.

The Impact of DEI - Practical Tips for People Ops Professionals

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  • This webinar discusses how Bonusly’s People Ops team prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the organizational structure, from leadership structure to hiring, to compensation philosophy and beyond.

Bridging the Communication Gap for Hybrid Teams

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  • Discover how your organization can better its communication processes to boost employee engagement and enhance workplace connections to retain the best talent from around the world.

Beyond the Birthday Shoutout: The Importance of Fostering a Culture of Recognition

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  • This webinar discusses the importance of frequent, meaningful feedback and simple ways that HR leaders can begin building a culture of recognition in their organization right away.

DEI at Work: Where to begin and what to avoid

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  • Building diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at work is about more than simply adding training or a committee to your existing structure, it is a priority for businesses today. It’s not just the right thing to do—it drives profits. A recent study indicated that highly inclusive organizations are more likely to hit their financial target goals by up to 120%.

How to build strong work relationships that fuel growth in a downturn

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  • Now more than ever, it’s essential to develop strong relationships in the workplace. We’ve all had to learn so much in the last few years about building relationships with distributed teams. This webinar includes insights on how to grow, build resilience, and thrive in our changing work environment.

Deep dive: How to scale human-centric onboarding practices

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  • Onboarding just a few hires per week is manageable, but how do you keep the human connection intact and communication personalized once you start onboarding bigger new hire classes? There's an art to maintaining personalized onboarding elements while enjoying efficiencies as your organization grows. Our panelists will discuss the tricks, tools, and strategies to creating an onboarding program that is loved by employees and HR teams alike.

Organizational Culture and What It Means for Your Business

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  • There are many tools for developing and sustaining a high-performance organizational culture, including hiring practices, onboarding efforts, recognition programs, performance management programs, and more. Getting the right mix for these tools is important, and the pursuit of that perfect mix can be overwhelming.

Expert Advice for Building a More Transparent Workplace

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  • A study by Slack found that 80% of today’s workers want insights into how decisions are made at their organization, and 87% of today’s job seekers want transparency in their future workplace. Still, many company leaders find themselves asking themselves how and what to share when it comes to important topics like budget changes, job performance, and compensation.

    In this webinar, Pave and Bonusly discuss how defaulting to transparency can significantly improve your employees’ experience. These experts will share compelling data in favor of transparency as well as tangible and realistic ideas for implementing a more transparent culture.

Expert Advice for Prioritizing Employee Benefits on a Tight Budget

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  • Studies show that 92% of employees consider benefits a vital part of their overall job satisfaction. It’s clear that decisions about whether or not to continue offering certain benefits, even during times of economic instability, cannot be taken lightly. This webinar discusses the best approaches to prioritizing the benefits you offer as your budget might be tightening.

Finding Purpose at Work: Our Take On Why Intrinsic Value Matters

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  • In this conversation, we’ll discuss the importance of nurturing a sense of purpose in the workplace and provide actionable, research-backed tactics for creating a culture that feels (and truly is!) meaningful to employees.

Managing Employee Morale During Times of Economic Instability

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  • This webinar discusses the impact that economic instability has on employees’ mental health and sense of job security–and how we as HR professionals can help manage our team’s concerns in the face of so much uncertainty.

Retention Starts at Day Zero: How to Craft Employee Experiences That Make Them Stay

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  • From special moments with candidates in the hiring process to setting new employees up for success and hosting impactful career planning conversations, we are demystifying what makes employees want to stay at a company long term. The earlier you introduce these in the employee journey, the better–but you can use many of these as part of your overall retention strategy. 

Managing Employee Morale During Times of Economic Instability–Advice by HR Experts for HR Experts

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  • It’s clear that the current hiring landscape heavily favors job seekers—the U.S. now has a record-high of 2 job openings for every unemployed person. But rising inflation and slower economic growth for companies across all industries could signal a shift in this trend–and employees are feeling the impact. In fact, a recent ADP survey found that only 20% of employees feel secure in their current roles. This webinar discusses the impact that economic instability has on employees’ mental health and sense of job security–and how we as HR professionals can help manage our team’s concerns in the face of so much uncertainty.

Employee Development: The Critical Missing Piece From Your Retention Strategy

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  • Employees who don’t feel supported in their professional development are three times more likely to search for a new job. 😱 It’s clear that offering growth opportunities should be a priority for all companies. PILOT CEO & Founder Ben Brooks and Bonusly Vice President of People Operations Vicki Yang answer critical questions to help you set up an employee development plan that will be sure to ignite your retention strategy. 

Loom x Bonusly Workshop: How to build a culture of connection and engagement for distributed teams

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  • It’s no secret that hybrid and remote work environments have changed the way companies and employees think about engagement and collaboration, particularly amongst distributed teams. 
  • From reassessing sync and async activities to diversifying communications, leaders are in a unique position to redesign what connection and cohesion can look like in this new work era. How can companies build and prioritize creating a rich company culture with a distributed or hybrid team?

It’s Not Just Up to HR Anymore: Practical Ways to Empower Your Teams to Reduce Turnover

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  • Description: We recently surveyed HR leaders to uncover the top challenges they are facing. And guess what was right at the top? Managing retention.
  • You’re not alone! It’s no secret keeping top talent is a struggle for most organizations. Resignations have been at a record high (ever hear of The Great Resignation?!) and, replacing an employee is nearly twice as expensive as keeping one.
  • So—what do we do? Where do we start?
  • In this recording, Bonusly’s Director of Talent Acquisition, Kai Robinson, and VP of Engineering, Brian Noyle, discuss practical ways HR professionals can lean on and improve company culture to influence retention.

Ask Me Anything: Tangible Expert Tips to Prevent Burnout

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  • Description: The temperature is rising outside, and many of us can feel the heat of our work and life responsibilities ramping up too. Knowing that burnout can put even the most dedicated workers on the path toward turnover, HR and people leaders are looking for ways to contain it.

    Watch the recording of this discussion featuring the VP of People Ops at Bonusly, Vicki Yang, Head of Recruiting Operations at Brex, Brittany Daunno, and CEO of Welcome, Roberto Ortiz. This recording covers ways to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work/life balance without impacting your team’s productivity.

Lunch and Learn: Insider Tips Into How Bonusly Hires Top Talent

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  • Description: Have you ever “known” that a candidate you were interviewing was (or wasn’t) a fit within the first few seconds of speaking with them?What brought you to this conclusion so quickly? If your answer is a “gut feeling,” there was most likely unconscious bias involved.
  • Bonusly recognizes how easy it is for unconscious bias to slip into our everyday lives, which is why we’ve built an objective and evidence-based interview process that helps us mitigate bias and ensure we’re hiring the right people. This approach has helped us build a highly qualified and high-achieving team of Bonuslians.

Virtual Safaris: Creative Ways to Engage Remote Teams

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  • Description: How has your organization adapted team-building activities to accommodate remote workers?In this webinar, we discuss the importance of team-building and how to create meaningful interactions in our virtual world. Afterwards, you'll experience a virtual safari to get you thinking creatively about your next team-building event.

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day the Right Way

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  • Description: Employee Appreciation Day is around the corner and this year, more than ever, your employees are looking to leadership for that sense of appreciation. Are your leadership and HR teams set up for success? This webinar includes several solid ideas for recognizing your employees and exclusive insights into building a year-round culture of appreciation. We discuss the importance of including employee recognition efforts as a part of your overall year-round retention strategy and some key do’s (and don’ts) when it comes to thanking your employees for their hard work.

5 Smart Ways to Use People Analytics Data in 2022

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  • Description: There's still plenty of time to dig into your people analytics to plan for a successful 2022. In this webinar, Raphael Crawford-Marks, CEO of Bonusly, will sit down with Bonusly's VP of People Ops, Vicki Yang, and Michael Powers, Director of Employee Experience & Engagement at Toast, to discuss how they’re using people analytics to support strategic planning and execution.

2021 Reflections: A Roundtable with HR Experts

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  • Description: In January, we set predictions for what would be most important for HR and People Ops leaders to address in the coming year. Fast forward 12 months to...December! As we prepare for 2022, we want to hold space to reflect—sharing insights with HR experts from the previous year while discussing what should be top of mind as we turn our calendars yet again. HR experts from Bonusly, Headspace Health, Donut, and 1Password share their stories—the good, the bad, and maybe even the ugly. They also made predictions for what’s in store for HR leaders and company-wide culture in the year ahead—you won’t want to miss it.

How These HR Leaders are Reimagining Employee Engagement in a Remote Work World

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  • Description: The pandemic changed not only how we work, but how we connect at work. With teams shifting to remote or hybrid environments, HR leaders have faced a unique challenge: how do we reimagine employee engagement when we’re no longer connecting in person? Join Bonusly for an interactive session with a panel of experts from Headspace Health, Guru, and Toast, who have gone through this unique transition from in-person to remote and hybrid work. After attending, you’ll feel equipped to apply these learnings to your teams to ensure engagement improves, even as we continue to collaborate in a digital world.

Beat WFH Burnout: 6 Ways to Keep Teams Engaged

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  • Description: Many U.S. companies were scheduled to return-to-office in fall of 2021, but the rise of the COVID-19 Delta Variant halted those plans. Regardless of whether your team prefers remote work, this period of uncertainty about the future can be mentally exhausting. In fact, according to CNBC, 69% of employees are experiencing burnout while working from home.
    Bonusly and Polly leaders share what’s worked (and what hasn’t!) for our hybrid teams, and how you can use these strategies to build virtual, company-wide connections and camaraderie.

Going Beyond the Annual Review: Creating a Feedback-Friendly Company Culture

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  • Description: As an HR leader, you have the power to shape your company's culture, and making sure your team is empowered to give and receive feedback is a key aspect of a healthy workplace environment. But giving feedback, both to peers and managers, is hard! And creating a culture of feedback? Even harder, but not impossible. In this webinar, Bonusly and Hypercontext cover the crucial aspects of transforming your company culture into a feedback-friendly environment.

Strategizing for the Future of Hybrid Work 

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  • Description: The hybrid work model is here to stay. Many companies are navigating how to bring folks back to the office—or not! So, how do employers stay flexible with individual employee preferences, while keeping lines of communication open and meeting business goals? In this webinar, Bonusly and Guru present the guiding principles that inform their own workplace strategies, and the tactical action items you can take to form an effective hybrid work model for your organization.

Foundations of Anti-Black Bias in the Workplace

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  • Description: 2020’s racial injustice protests shone a light on the Black-American experience at home—and in the workplace. As companies undergo major changes to attract and retain Black talent, their leaders also need to understand the foundations of bias that can drive talent away. In this webinar, Kalyn Wilson, founder and CEO of Dream Forward Consulting, provides a history of the Black experience and its associated workplace stereotypes, then shares how HR leaders and practitioners can reframe their own biases to support Black talent.

Harnessing Positive Leadership to Thrive in Uncertain Times

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  • Description: 2020 was one of the most challenging years in recent history for organizational leaders, and leveraging Positive Leadership made all the difference. Learn about this growing leadership style that empowers teams and enables vital success. In this event, leadership experts Linda Rad, Jahnavi Brenner, and Josh Vaisman discuss Positive Leadership—from what it really means to common missteps and excellent examples.

Reimagining Rituals of the Age of Digital Work

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  • Description: Rituals play a major role in building (and reinforcing) strong cultures at any scale, especially for remote, distributed, and digital teams. Josh Levine, author of Great Mondays, and Dennis Field, Manager, Employer Brand & Internal Marketing, at InVision, discuss the different ways that rituals and recognition function to build culture, and how they’ve built & reinforced a strong culture throughout different stages of the company’s journey.

How Employee Engagement Changed in 2020 and What That Means for the Future

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  • Description: 2020 has changed just about everything, especially employee engagement. How has your team responded? In this event, we took a look at the most important ways employee engagement has changed this year. We reviewed recent research to take stock of the current state of employee engagement, including the effects of COVID-19, remote work, inclusivity, and mental wellness. Then, we discuss practical ways to successfully engage your own teams in 2021 and beyond.

How to Build Inclusive Work Environments on Remote Teams

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  • Description: A Glassdoor survey revealed that 67% of job seekers consider workplace diversity and inclusion an important factor when considering employment opportunities. So where do HR and people leaders start? What does an inclusive workplace look like—and what does it look like on remote and distributed teams? In this event, Latesha Byrd, founder and CEO of the talent development agency Perfeqta, leads an energetic discussion around building inclusive work environments on remote teams, joined by panelists Marquis White, Bernita Dillard, and Kalyn Wilson.

Employee Rewards in 2021: How to Prepare

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  • Description: Employee rewards are an important and powerful factor in any employee experience, and the space has evolved rapidly in the past year, adapting to global events and shifting preferences. In this webinar, we unveil the latest employee rewards research (from the Incentive Research Foundation and Bonusly) and review the current state of employee rewards. Then, we discuss how to successfully prepare for the future by sharing insights on using employee rewards to engage teams in 2021 and beyond.

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