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Energize Your Teams Through Engagement

Bonusly Connect delivers a peer-to-peer recognition platform for more frequent communication between teams and better collaboration.

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Strengthen communication and relationships


Employees gain a sense of belonging and unity when their contributions are acknowledged by their colleagues.


Better communication between employees and across teams improves creative problem-solving and productivity.


Analytics dashboard offers visibility into team connections, participation trends, and core value adoption.

The Bonusly 
Connect experience

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Building a collaborative workforce

Peer-to-peer recognition

Easy-to-use platform encourages frequent engagement between employees.

Customizable platform

Administrative settings can be adjusted to optimize the experience to fit your organizational needs.

Expert support

Our customer service team assists with the setup and launch of your program, and ongoing support.

Mobile app

Convenient access to monitor your program, including real-time activity feed and employee inquiries.

Unique team pages

Community profiles and team pages allow for a fun and creative expression of team identity.

Advanced analytics

Real-time insights into engagement and collaboration patterns of people and teams.

"Bonusly has been a GAME CHANGER. It's quickly become an essential part of our success in working as a distributed team and creating more visibility around small wins!"

Lindsey Kampmeier

VP of People & Culture

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Have questions?

Can Bonusly Connect integrate with my existing systems?

Yes! Bonusly integrates seamlessly with HRIS and single sign-on (SSO) systems, as well as productivity tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

What are the differences between Bonusly Connect and Bonusly Achieve?

Bonusly Connect is a completely automated recognition and rewards system for employees. Bonusly Achieve adds performance enablement tools to cultivate high-performing teams by honing manager skills and providing a framework for employee engagement. 

Where are the peer-to-peer recognitions posted?

The Bonusly dashboard captures all recognition to share with colleagues. Integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams provide another resource to promote employee recognition.

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