Use proven methods to attract and retain talent

Work in a positive culture of appreciation

Champion gratitude using real-time recognition! Empower everyone to applaud contributions made by their peers, direct reports, and managers using 360° recognition that encourages equity and visibility. Make morale a priority and ensure that every team member feels valued. 

Make data-driven people decisions

Bonusly has the most powerful people analytics in the industry—it’s an unbeatable source of reliable insights. Compare how teams use recognition, or learn who receives it the most and for which values. Use that data (and many more insights!) to understand trends and focus your work.

Improve employee engagement

Higher employee engagement is proven to reduce burnout and turnover and increase productivity. They’re all linked! You’ll see an effect in all three areas when you use Bonusly, because 70% of our customers experience better employee engagement. We can hear your CFO rejoicing…

Explore our customers’ success stories

If you're looking to achieve high levels of engagement, consistency across teams, and an exceptional ROI out of a total rewards platform Bonusly is a must-have.

David Gulley

Senior Director of People Operations and Compliance

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"Bonusly helped us increase cross-departmental recognition, which has had a major impact on collaboration throughout the company.”

Kate Ciechomski

PM Recognition & New Hire Success

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"Bonusly worked wonders for team morale during the fast growth and uncertainty of acquisition and the quick move to remote work during the pandemic."

Nicole Pigeon

Customer Support Services

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"We’ve seen a 15% increase in recognition sentiment in our employee engagement survey."

Gabi Tofani

Talent Management Lead

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"Bonusly Kept Us Together When We Couldn’t Be Together"

Luis Jimenez

People Engagement

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"Bonusly is core to our recognition program and a thoughtful way to connect the work of our employees to the value they deliver for our customers."

Becky Cantieri

Chief People Officer

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"Bonusly has been a GAME CHANGER. It's quickly become an essential part of our success in working as a distributed team and creating more visibility around small wins!"

Lindsey Kampmeier

VP of People & Culture

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Research Report

Lighthouse Research: New Data on the Value of an Engaged Workforce

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Amy W.
Founder and CEO
Small Business

“The most helpful feature of Bonusly is the reporting analytics. I can easily see who is using it, who needs a little recognition, and it allows us to calculate our quarterly award winners for core value representation.”

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Automate employee rewards

Is your HR team stretched thin? On average, our customers spend less than 1.5 hours/month managing Bonusly, compared to the countless hours they’d spend on manual reward programs. Save time and money by consolidating, tracking, and easily managing automated gifting spend.

Make your values visible

Promote your core values by attaching a core value hashtag to every instance of recognition. Track who exemplifies those values along with hashtag use over time. Get your core values out of the employee handbook and into real life where they can be emulated! It’s a
virtuous cycle.

Maintain relationships, even remotely

In a challenging world, daily recognition brings sparks of joy to employees' work lives. Bonusly features, such as Custom Awards, Rewards, etc., keep employees at every level connected in a digital hub. It works in a hybrid or fully digital workspace, in one location or many.

Want to be a culture-driven talent magnet? Get started today!