Giveaway Terms & Conditions

Updated: February 21st, 2024

General Sweepstakes Rules:

1. A contribution is not required to enter. 

2. Individuals must sign up for a free trial and invite two teammates to be eligible to win. 

3. Only companies with an official headcount of 200 employees or less are eligible to win. 

4. Entries will only be accepted during the sweepstakes period—2/21/2024 to 2/29/2024—as announced online or via email.  

5. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash value. If the winner declines the prize, no other prize will be offered. 

6. The cost of rewards is not included in the prize.

7. The winner will be offered the Bonusly Pro plan.

8. There will be no additional charge for new users added to the Pro plan for the first year unless the new user count grows to 50+ additional employees. If the company decides to renew into year two, the cost will increase to $60/user/year. 

9. The winner will be randomly drawn and notified by email and on social media on 3/1/2024.

10. In the event the prize is refused or is unclaimed for one week, a new name will be drawn and the winner contacted. The process will be repeated until the prize is accepted. 

11. The winner agrees to participate in the promotion of the event or gift won as a prize; including, but not limited to, the use of his or her name, photograph, or likeness.

12. Bonusly is not responsible for entries that are not received due to issues with internet access.

13. Sweepstakes is open to companies headquartered in the United States and Canada only.